........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of I am the mother of holy hope, & my children are without number. I bring fearlessness in the face of great odds. I bring patience when suffering seems interminable. I bring peace when the person is discouraged. I am the light on the horizon & the dawn that scatters the night. Let everyone invoke my name & hope will settle upon them. My hope says to darkness, “You shall not enter” & to evil, “You have no place in this human heart”. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS ~ Most Holy Mary ~ 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ...........................................................................................................................................................................

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stop Voter Fraud on Election Day! OPERATION RED 2016

Transcript of Donald Trump’s Anti-Establishment Speech In Roanoke Virginia…



by Mike Volin, WOBC Blog, ©2016
(Sep. 24, 2016) — Due to the promise of unprecedented election fraud in the 2016 general election and the short time frame in which to counter those measures, concerned patriots have launched OPERATION RED 2016.
The mission is simple. It’s something that every red-blooded American can and MUST do. Here’s all there is to it:
  1. If you are voting TRUMP/PENCE in the 2016 Presidential election, wear an ALL RED (Republican Revolution RED) shirt, jacket, or dress to the polls on November 8.
  2. Use your cell phone to take pictures or video of the sea of RED in your voting district — inside and outside the polling place.
  3. Share those images on ALL social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, and with all your email friends.
  4. Help make OPERATION RED 2016 go viral! – Post operationred2016.com EVERYWHERE!
IMPORTANT:  Do NOT wear red clothing or accessories bearing any campaign graphics, or you could be denied access to the polling area.
  1. The sea of red will assure that no media outlet can deny the visible support for the Trump/Pence ticket.
  2. We will have PROOF via your photos and videos that Hillary Clinton could NOT have won these ALL RED districts!
  3. Media outlets, poll workers, watchers, campaign staffers and voters on the ground will have no choice but to acknowledge the VISIBLE truth in a sea of RED!
NOTE: We do not know who originated this utterly simple but immensely powerful idea. Whoever you are, your fellow patriots thank you!
Mike Volin
WOBC Radio


Saturday, September 24, 2016

WWIII & the Caliphate continues, attempted murder of attorney in 1992 (re Gennifer Flowers), The Hillary Clinton Dead Pool, THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT,

Battle rages near Aleppo, air onslaught continues

The Caliphate is Reborn - Western Stupidity Continues


"WATCH starting about 36:10. While Bill Clinton was denying affair with Gennifer Flowers, her next door neighbor, attorney Gary Johnson, had security camera video showing Clinton entering her condo WITH HIS OWN KEY.

Three thugs were sent to get the evidence and destroy it. They got the table and then broke Johnson's collarbone and elbow, smashed in his nasal cavity, punctured his bladder and spleen and left him for dead. He survived and is shown on this tape telling his story.

I am good friends with the filmmaker. Mainstream media refused to talk about this. It should have ended the Clintons' career.

When Flowers shows up at the debate, journalists should have this information. I am, of course, not naive enough to think they will ever discuss it."

The Hillary Clinton Dead Pool



Clinton gave $100K to New York Times group in same year paper endorsed her

& then the old grey hag... 

meanwhile: Judge to NY Times: No Trump divorce records for you

Officials in Charlotte Threaten Rioters And Looters With Loss of Welfare And Food Stamps

The DEAD Are Voting In Colorado, & in OHIO

Trump names 33 conservative Catholics as new advisers

little known miracles of Padre Pio


Merciful Father and God of all consolation,
you have shown yourself
to be wonderful in the glorious Virgin Mary,
Mother of Christ, and have given her to us
as the Mother of Mercy.
May all of us who venerate her with devotion,
always experience her powerful intercession,
and enjoy Your immense mercy.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.


“Child! Why are you downcast? I am the shield that surrounds you, your glory, and the one who lifts up your head. Do not fear! Do not fear! I AM. ‘I have come so you may have life and have it abundantly.’ Then do not dwell in the shadow of death. Do not cling to the darkness. No matter the circumstances, contemplate your loving Abba. Feel his love, his protection, his infinite, unconquerable strength. Nestle yourself into the crook of his arm. Smell his sweet fragrance. Bask in the warmth of his loving gaze. This is your home, little one, more real than what you see around you. Dwell there, my child, and be at peace. Shalom.” message to Pelianito 9/21/16

"... The wave of truth you have been praying for has already been set in motion, it just has not reached the shore yet so you cannot see it. This is the reason for such a need of increased prayer. ..." 9/19/16

St. Padre Pio on Listening to Your Guardian Angel

St. Padre Pio, The Seraphim, and the Holy Eucharist – The Holy Angels with Msgr John Esseff

325-2On the Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Msgr. Esseff discusses his interaction with St. Pio in relation to the Holy Angels. He then explains the role of Holy Angels at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and in particular, the presence and witness of the Seraphim.

getting dicey from here: the Battle for the Soul of America, the Reptilian in Gary Johnson, THE DONALD!!, &, Corbyn Wins In Stunning Defeat Of Blairite Establishment

Gary Goes Reptilian
Hillary Goes Off The Rails

“I’m not going to vote for a candidate who decides that we can redefine the meaning of marriage, ... Our opponents believe once they destroy the family, once they destroy the churches, they can re-create society in their own image and their own likeness. That, my friends, is not just political. That is diabolical. Get it straight, for crying out loud! The devil is in this! We are in a battle for the soul of America.” Fr. Michael Orsi

The Donald in Egypt

traveling through the deep weeds of Ted Cruz

"It's Time to keep it Real!!" "...the very backbone of this country is the men & women, boots on the ground, serving over seas to protect us from these fools in these other countries, & to make sure that we're free so we're not getting beheaded; our women are not getting stoned ..."

"And between domestic ISIS terrorism, George Soros funded race-riots, the Yellowstone Volcano and North Korean nukes it could get dicey here real soon. The real EOTWAWKI is upon us and these clowns want to play "Beyond Thunderdome" in the desert. Sad..."

in Stone Mountain, Georgia 

The implications of exposing Soros’ dirty little secret 

And for all the poor bastards in the countries Clinton has wrecked


meanwhile, a bolder option - Poison: "Did you know that in Sparta, in ancient Greece, young boys were lashed in front of the statue of Athena until their blood covered the marble? But, yeah, all religions are the same, all are good and all have the same message and identical moral values, so let’s try them all out."

Corbyn Wins In Stunning Defeat Of Blairite Establishment

Wag the Dog Territory: the Anxiety-ridden G20, Armed National Guardsmen in Charlotte & the MSM's Foam @ the Mouth Deception

Anxiety Spikes Among G-20, An Analysis of UN Speeches Shows

meanwhile, in America: Epic Rant - THIS IS WHAT IT IS TO LIVE IN A MIND-CONTROLLED COUNTRY!!  (@15:11)

 FBI Releases More Hillary Clinton Investigation Records

witness reports that Charlotte protesters tried to throw a photographer into a burning fire.

CHARLOTTE, N.C: "This is the state of journalism today. They publish pure #$%$, then they wonder why the newspaper business is going down the drain."  A Yahoo reader 

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs

Jesse vs. Yolanda: "I can disagree w/it even if it's true."

"...The "black community" is untroubled that more black babies are aborted in NYC than born. The "black community" is not overly concerned that 73% of those who are live births are born out of wedlock. The "black community" cares not a whit that 65% of black 4th graders cannot read. Black males age 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population but commit almost half of all murders. According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, they are responsible for: 54.9% of all Robberies. 49.4% of all Murders 34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults 32.5% of Forcible Rapes." Snake

The Vindication of The Alt-Right: 7.) Back home, you have Hillary winning the support of 96 percent of Jewish donors, all of Wall Street, and the support of big donors in 9 out of 10 sectors of the US economy. It is not just Wall Street supporting Hillary. The oligarchy has unified behind her.  
8.) You have George HW Bush best known for the “New World Order” endorsing Hillary Clinton thereby proving the two party globalist cartel preserves the status quo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016




You do not realize how far you have strayed. You have no idea of where you now are or where this road will lead you. You are walking, I would even say “running” away from me. You denounce me. You ridicule my teachings. You flaunt my laws. You have lost the rich heritage of faith and you have no desire to recapture it. For you, this loss is “good riddance”, supposedly a burden on your freedom.

O America, are you free now that you have wrapped yourself in sin and have extinguished the light of faith? Soon your pains will begin. They are already happening and you take little notice. I will speak clearly so you do not miss my points.

Your economy will sputter and even recede. Your people will grow restless, the government will give them more money and more benefits to keep them still. This will only increase the fever of the illness and cause the infection to spread even more.

The people will begin to grasp the seriousness of America’s problems. All will think that these difficulties are economic. Really, they result from an America that has turned its back on me and claimed, “We do not need Jesus Christ”. I who brought you into existence for my purposes am now set aside. The one who gave you your prosperity is rejected. You have chosen, America. You have chosen the darkness and I will let you plunge deeper and deeper into that darkness until I begin to hear from your lips, “We must seek Jesus Christ and his light. When we walked in his light, we prospered.

Go ahead, America. Continue to reject me. It frees me of my burden of caring for a child whom I have spoiled with my blessings and who spurned me. But those who turn to me, who choose me, I will not spurn. I will gather them into a new America, even though they will be small in numbers.

Yes, within you America, will arise a new America, fashioned according to the religious beliefs that brought forth this nation. There will be two Americas. An America of darkness and an America of light, just as there were two sons of Abraham, one born of the slave woman and the other born of the free woman. One came forth by nature and the other by the promise. I will speak on this again.