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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Governor DeSantis! of the Great State of Florida!, Global Warming Debunked, Caravan Illegals Arrested, Pelosi Defectors, PRESIDENT TRUMP, PLEASE SAVE ARIZONA!!

After the recount, the margin barely changed.



Major Global Warming Math Error & the Whole Study is Debunked: "They are cope-posting for the sake their despondent adherents who see the predictions they based their life on not fleshing out." whiteboard

About a dozen members of migrant caravan arrested for trying to illegally cross US border "We have to see what we're offered, just so they don't send us back to our country," said Jairon Sorto, a 22-year-old Honduran who arrived by bus Wednesday. ... about those Central American migrants: 100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Heads to U.S.

but, it gets better: "Two more newly-elected members are close to signing the letter, which would bring the total to 19, according to a source. Pelosi's opponents are expected to release their letter and list of defectors as early as this week."



it's getting heavy

AZ GOP Announces Independent Audit of Maricopa Co Elections Procedures

Email reveals Florida Democratic official pushed election forms with ALTERED deadlines


Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral PedoFashion children’s clothing collection, & it's actually kind of goth obvious. there ... fixed that.

THAT WOULD BE THE EVIL GEORGE & CARAVAN: POTUS E.O. 13848 Puts this at 12/21, Cali.Fire Land Grab?, RIP Jim Traficant bravest showdowns in history of mankind. #PedoFashion

"everything was on fire @ the same time..."

"Interesting photo - Melted aluminum on ground next to aluminum alloy wheels un-melted. Any metallurgists here?"

Rothschilds to sell trust services business:Same corporate owner of the utility company involved in the CA fires? Dumping the murder weapon while fleeing the crime scene?

" "We do know that electric company PG&E experienced a problem with an electrical transmission line near the site of the fire, minutes before it broke out," according to CBS News, and now criminal Governor has signed a bil allowing the company to CHARGE its customers whatever is necessary to pay for all of the lawsuits and losses that are coming. The punchline? PG&E is controlled by one of the world's richest families, the Rothschild's whose Agenda 21 goals seem to be coming along quite nicely with all of this "accidental" destruction."

bravest showdowns in the history of mankind. "... & if you open your mouth you'll get targetted." RIP former Congressman Jim Traficant


why They killed him. @ 7:15
PedoFashion: Lots of hidden sexualization. Humping dolphins. Getting humped by them. Flashing multiple people at once. Very weird images.

Arizona Border Patrol Arrests More Over 650 Illegal Aliens Last 2 Days
"First off, I am sorry to see that the caravan is being used for the political agenda of the unethical and corrupt demoncratic plantation. However let's be real, I know many of you guys think so too, republicans with conflict of interest with those jew in the letter funders are also part of the problem.

I am sorry to see that situations of despair are taken advantage of by the unscrupulous Soros machine and that your nation is the target of this continuous attack of displacement of the native population. Not just talking about the white majority, but talking about the legal american citizens in general.

Secondly, I am disappointed to see that your elections are being so easily targeted by the corruption of the left and stolen from the legit winners just to be able to "win" against conservatives. Though I support what your president is doing (I even asked a friend of mine that is going back to the states - yes, legally - to bring back a MAGA hat for me) I think that the jews in the letter machine is quite strong. I am not putting my faith in Trump nor any other man. My faith as many of you know, even those that disagree passionately against it, is set for Jesus alone. But I do feel sad for what this has become in the past 2 weeks.

I still feel that Trump will be the last breath we have before all goes south because of the synagogue of Satan's plans. But this was certainly a blow that hurt. I am mad to see that people are so easily influenced by money that they allow themselves to be used in this caravan's false narrative. But that also applies in most of the political spectrum.

I hope you guys are able to keep your country and defend it, for I hope the same for my country (or any other country for that matter). I vehemently defend nationalism for one should be humble and proud for the nation they grew up on. As one must be grateful for his/her own roots and make sacrifices to preserve them and build something greater from them.

Wish you the best guys, seriously. I pray in the name of Jesus that you will preserve your nations (including the European voaters here) for a little more time. I pray in the name of Jesus that when the synagogue of Satan rises and puts in place the one world government under the command of the sodomite jew in the letter of perdition, those of you that believe in Jesus are not deceived by him nor his mark, and those of you that still do not believe, start to.

I rejoice for I know what the end is, but I am sad for what has to happen and what we all must endure to get there. It is just nonetheless, so I pray as well in the name of Jesus to keep our strength and resolve to go through it all and dine at the table of the Lord.

God bless and have a good day." sguevar

"Watch the next 60 days. Major surprises coming. Over two years of prep work will unfold and it wont be pretty for those on the other side. As to the election, it is only beginning. It is not anywhere near over. The 'actual and real' mid term results will blow people away." 1scm

POTUS E.O. 13848 , 45 days after the election to report on fraud. Puts this at Dec. 21st. May flip the whole election , or not. Semper Fi "Come to polls, prove citizenship, vote and get your thumb painted so you can't vote again!"

& then: "Mitch McConnell is gonna squash Jeff Flake like a bug."


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

to the great anons 0n the chans: Dem narrative Shift FF Central, "THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID", Mattis Press Briefing on MILITARY @ Mexico Border, Cali Fire Animal Rescues

She got out, shook off, loved on us for a few minutes as a thank you and walked off assuring us that she was ok 

My translation: Senator Grassley is just another important chess piece that has been moved into position for the final takedown of the criminals.

"THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID": Connecting Q with President Trump BEFORE 2016 ELECTION


LAPD confirms CPL's felony arrest and $50,000 bail

Razor wire now covers border wall where 'vanguard' of migrant caravan taunted U.S.

"This isn’t the first time climate scientists have been dead wrong about the perceived odious nature of so-called global warming. For starters, in 2007, they predicted the Arctic ice cap would be gone by 2013, but it has grown by 533,000 square miles."

🔥 They don't own the chans & can't control the site. They have to be allowed to go TOO FAR. Boomerang Suicide. 🔥

California Fire, DEW, nuclear waste site: #WoolseyFire was literally started at the Santa Susanna Field Lab - home to Area 4

cover-up-panik-after-california-wildfire-tears-through-nuclear-waste-site-and-nobody-talks-about-it. "I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m seriously upset that no one is talking about the fact that the Woolsey Fire was literally started at the Santa Susanna Field Lab – home to Area 4 in California."

ANY QUESTIONS: "Many supporters have asked for news of the Bigtree’s safety during the #WoolseyFire. Del updates us from his family’s home in Malibu. Del Bigtree is the producer of the movie Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe"

PULGA, Butte County — A woman who lives near the origin point of the disastrous Camp Fire in Butte County said Monday that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. told her last week it planned to work on power equipment on or near her property, raising further questions about the utility’s role in what has become California’s most destructive wildfire.

D.C. Red Wave December Hit: senate won’t seat new senators if election suspect (bring down the house) SHTF in January, &, FED

"This is quite the scoop from Politico’s Matt Dixon who writes on how “examples of election documents with altered dates on them” were sent to federal prosecutors on Friday and nothing was released publicly, even by Republicans:"

in the snake pit very soon to deal with the biggest snake of them all: "I have on idea how Fitton or whatever his name is, has been so relentless and hasn't been Arkancided yet. Good on ya, stay safe, keep fighting these bastards."

Florida Election Fraud's Hidden Gun-control Agenda

Criminal Investigation Launched by Florida AG After Supervisors Violated Constitution

FL GOP Candidate Caldwell: Only 30,000 Votes Could Have Possibly Come in After Election Day – Snipes Found 83,000 Votes

Rick Scott won this race by a margin that is mathematically impossible to close in a recount: "They know they lost. They know that Rick Scott is the Senator-elect. They don’t care, because this isn’t about 2018 and this isn’t about Bill Nelson. This is about 2020. Chuck Schumer and his national Democrat comrades are working overtime to change Florida’s election laws so they can try to win a presidential election two years from now."

Indiana: 15 Public Officials Arrested On Corruption-Related Charges

Possible 'Watch CA' & '52-47' tie in by 8chan Anon

  • Video link HereYouTube - (note: The video is set to start at 21:16)
  • Link to Executive Order 13848 Here

The truth will come out: Major revelation from Seth Rich’s girlfriend, Claudia Kash.

The Federal Reserve, Central banks, World Banks, Creating money from thin air: "The Fed needs to be audited, restructured back into congress' control as per the Constitution. For those that need a refresher on our money system. Learn it, because it needs to go ASAP."