........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ............. Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay ......................... ............................................................................................................ ............................................................... I am the mother of holy hope, & my children are without number. I bring fearlessness in the face of great odds. I bring patience when suffering seems interminable. I bring peace when the person is discouraged. I am the light on the horizon & the dawn that scatters the night. Let everyone invoke my name & hope will settle upon them. My hope says to darkness, “You shall not enter” & to evil, “You have no place in this human heart”. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ Most Holy Mary ~Jan. 25 - Feb.4, 2014 ★ .........................
★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † ...........URGENT: LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..........................

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

the Iran nuke deal: implement the same old bad ideas while lying to the public ~ "That & 5 bucks might get you a cup of coffee on Capitol Hill."

"We have been lulled to sleep by the promises and lies of those we thought were on our side .... The deal is not impossible to stop. It's just impossible to stop playing by the rules of the GOP and Democrats. It's impossible to stop by playing out a game whose outcome was predetermined by Obama, the GOP and the Democrats. That game was over before it started."

MEDJUGORJE ~ Message Given Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

In light & shade, Mirjana remains transfixed

Our Lady Queen of Peace, Medjugorje 9/2/15
Message through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, My dear apostles of love, my carriers of truth, again I am calling you and gathering you around me to help me, to help all of my children who thirst for love and truth - who thirst for my Son. I am a grace from the Heavenly Father, sent to help you to live the word of my Son. Love one another. I lived your earthly life. I know that it is not always easy, but if you will love each other, you will pray with the heart, you will reach spiritual heights and the way to Heaven will be opened for you. I, your mother, am waiting for you there because I am there. Be faithful to my Son and teach others faithfulness. I am with you. I will help you. I will teach you faith that you may know how to transmit it to others in the right way. I will teach you truth that you may know how to discern. I will teach you love that you may come to know what real love is. My children, my Son will make it possible for Him to speak through your words and your actions. Thank you.”

“What does a pure man do? What is the real power of purification? How does one come to have a cleansed heart?” Benedict XVI8/30/15

''May your blessing act in us, O Lord, and transform us with your renewing power, so that we might be wholly disposed to the service of what is good.'' Pope Francis' liturgy for the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Saint Peter's Basilica, 1 September.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/29,30/15 ★ Iran – The Nation of the Lie, the Middle East is Satan’s playground, Jerusalem is Satan’s target

3. Jerusalem, Satan’s Target


All is clear to my sight. I see all the forces of evil that are placed on the Middle East. I see the weapons and the plans to use them. I see the leaders who are involved and the free decisions which they can make. I see their intellects and know exactly what they are plotting. Especially, I see that nothing is definite. Strategies shift. Unknown obstacles surface. Groups that were united enter into disputes. Not only is the Middle East in turmoil, but in even greater turmoil are all the forces behind the scenes.

The Middle East is a collection of diverse powers, some trying to bring stability and others trying to destroy. The future is very, very uncertain. So much depends on forces that gain momentum and try to sweep all the other groups along with them, upon the decisions made to join these forces or to try to destroy them. Who will eventually gain the upper hand? So much remains to be decided. So, I must speak.

The Middle East is Satan’s playground and he enjoys his games of destruction. One terrorist group destroys another and then it is destroyed. Smaller groups give way to larger ones. Yet all have the same DNA of violence, destruction, suffering and death. Winners become losers and all pass away leaving behind a legacy of satanic suffering.

In the middle of all this sits Israel. Do you not see the connection? All of Satan’s efforts are to destroy Israel and Jerusalem because the heavenly Father has His plans for Jerusalem. The Father decreed that the blood of his Divine Son should be shed in Jerusalem. The power of that blood still remains upon the Holy City. No other city in the world contains the redeeming blood of Jesus. No wonder Jerusalem is Satan’s target.

Comment: Our Lady accurately describes the Middle East and reveals why Satan covets Jerusalem.

4. Iran – The Nation of the Lie


I spread before you all the evils of the Middle East so you might see what Satan has prepared and understand his plans. He will use the Middle East as his cauldron of fire. Just as the fire came from Babylon to destroy Jerusalem in the time of Jeremiah, the prophet, so the fire of the Middle East is being prepared by Satan to first destroy Israel and then to lift its eyes to the West.

All of this is already seen by the world. What the world does not see is the great evil in Iran, which will become the very center of Satan’s furnace.

Satan has used the terrorist groups to prepare for this moment when Iran takes center stage. Its resources are far greater than any terrorist organization. It does not need to establish a caliphate. It is already a formed nation with a large and stable group of people. It already has a place at the table of nations and has just signed a treaty that is totally to its own advantage. So, I must pull back the veil that covers Iran.

Satan’s plans have finally reached his goal. He has kept Iran hidden for years. While everyone focused on the terrorist activities, Iran was allowed to develop its nuclear weapons, fearful sources of unbelievable proportions.

When all of this is accomplished (and it is already happening), what will Iran do? Will she take her place among the peaceful nations, content that she has gained this status? Not at all. Iran is the country of the lie, of deception, of pride, and of boundless ambition. All of this is not hidden. Iran speaks openly of her intentions and the West does not believe her.

All of these mysteries I hold in my heart and reveal to the world so everyone will know of my total love for mankind and of the powers which God has given to me to bring about world peace. Your heavenly mother has spoken.

Comments: We focus on wiping out terrorist groups and are blind to Satan’s real goal – to have a nuclear Iran.

VIDEO # 9 ~ Kermit Gosnell & the twisted world of baby parts trafficking from Planned Parenthood abortion clinics

9th Shocking Video: Planned Parenthood Sells Intact Aborted Babies, One “Just Fell Out” of the Womb

Organ broker cites Kermit Gosnell in latest undercover video

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation & the Year of Mercy ~ "The ecological crisis summons us to a profound spiritual conversion."

the upcoming Extraordinary Year of Mercy ~ 8 December 2015 until 20 November 2016

“The ecological crisis summons us to a profound spiritual conversion…….The annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation will offer individual believers and communities a fitting opportunity to reaffirm their personal vocation to be stewards of creation, to thank God for the wonderful handiwork which he has entrusted to our care, and to implore his help for the protection of creation, as well as his pardon for the sins committed against the world in which we live.....We live at a time when all Christians are faced with the same decisive challenges, to which we must respond together, in order to (be) credible and effective.”


Monday, August 31, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 8/24-28/15 ★ the Satanic darkness has begun, The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation. Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse. Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place.

The Devil Is Afraid of Holiness

the ineffable sanctity of that Divine Regard, &, the triumph of the Blessed Mother who, at the foot of the Cross, precisely by means of her cruel martyrdom, redeemed the human race together with her Son.

9. The New Pentecost of Fatima


Because no one sees or understands the events that lie ahead, few steps are taken to avoid the darkness. Mankind is like a train whose course is pre-determined by his past choices. I begin this way to open up new possibilities. Mankind has another option only because of the Fatima gift. Today, I speak of heaven’s path to world peace.

The heavenly Father knew that mankind would fall into this darkness. He knew that mankind would foolishly build structures that were bound to collapse. He knew that mankind would be tricked by Satan and plunged into a darkness that he could not dispel.

He knew that these factors would bring about inevitability, a culmination and a gathering together of all the elements of darkness. He foresaw this historical moment, the great convergence of evils sown into human history. He saw, too, the inevitability if some special gift were not made available.

Such is the great Fatima gift, the culmination of all that is good, filled with the greatest blessings ready to be poured forth. These are the mysteries I am revealing. Without Fatima, mankind would have no hope. With Fatima, all can lead to victory and the pouring forth of world peace. How will this take place?

The mystery of Jesus’ birth, the Word becoming flesh, was a total surprise, but it was known by a few – Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah and myself. Soon, others came to see – the shepherds, the Magi, Simeon and Anna. Eventually, the mystery was revealed to the disciples. With Jesus’ death and resurrection, followed by the sending of the Spirit, the mystery burst forth upon the world.

So, it will be with the Fatima gift. It is already known by a few and understood by them. By these locutions, the mystery is being revealed to more. Soon, Fatima will come into greater and greater prominence. Finally, it will break forth upon the world, like a new Pentecost. The world will be surprised but the battle will just be beginning. As at the first Pentecost, the Spirit’s work will begin in Jerusalem and go forth from there.

I do not reveal these truths so people can sit back passively and wait. I speak to encourage faith and action. Take up your rosaries and begin. Change your lives. Help those in need. Fill your lives with the works of the gospel. Then you will be prepared for the new Pentecost coming from Fatima.

Comment: The world without Fatima would have no hope.

10. The Surprise Visitor


Mankind is helpless and cannot survive without the gifts of heaven. Man needs all of heaven’s natural gifts, sun, air and water provided by his Creator. Even these, he takes without any thought of giving thanks.

He also needs greater gifts because God has given him intellect and free will. Because of these powers, mankind is able to build a world and to bring creation to its highest level. Has that happened? Has mankind brought the world to its highest level where peace reigns and everyone enjoys a fullness of what God has abundantly provided?

Instead, the twin evils of violence and poverty dominate the world, twin paths that reflect the evil over which man has no control. Mankind has fallen victim to robbers and lays by the wayside. As time passes, and one person after another walks by, hopelessness sets in. Will no one be kind enough to bend over fallen humanity, dress its wounds and bring it to safe refuge?

Suddenly, someone comes. Who is this surprise visitor? A foreigner, someone despised, a Samaritan who has been set aside. Why should he stop for a Jew? Why should he bend over and wash the wounds? Why should he lift him up and take him to an inn?

Cannot these same questions be asked about Jesus? Has not society despised him, pulled down his images, and subjected him to ridicule? Yet, these are my words. Jesus will be your surprise visitor. At the moment you lie helpless by the wayside, He will come, pour His graces into your wounds and bring you to a safe place. Then, the eyes of all the world will open. Jesus will again be exalted. This is my path to lasting peace.

Comment: As mankind becomes more and more wounded, Jesus will bend over suffering humanity.

11. Financial Crisis


There are so many clouds on the horizon that it is difficult to speak of a future filled with such darkness. Yet, if I do not speak, the darkness will still come and my children will not have the light of my words.

By now, it is evident to all that the great darkness has begun. The economic evils lying beneath the surface have broken through and have begun to shake the markets. This comes as no surprise to my children who have listened to these words because I have spoken so often of the sins which have weakened the structures and made them ready for a collapse.

Now, I must come to the heart of the matter. Efforts are being made right now as I speak to shore up the markets and to spread out the failures so that the shock is lessened. This, too, just postpones the day of reckoning. The deeper evils have not yet surfaced; the complete dishonesty that has prevailed for years and the constant pushing off of the day of truth. What looks like evil is really truth. What is the money truly worth? Who have been good stewards and who have been dishonest?

What words can I give to my children? How can I offer light in the midst of so much darkness? First, I will be with each of you in a personal way, giving you greater faith and greater love for each other. Amid the difficulties, I will also extend an invitation to many to return to the Catholic faith.

During this financial crisis, I will provide families with a great light so correct decisions are made. I will not allow despair to control your hearts nor will I allow you to choose paths of darkness. I will be with you. I speak of this darkness ahead of time only so you can believe my promise.

Comment: Our Lady prophesies the darkness so we believe her promises of divine help.

1. Syria and Iran


When night falls, mankind is limited. He cannot perform all the deeds of the day. Even with artificial light, he must accept limitations and await the dawn to return to full activity. The darkness limits his freedom.

Mankind must accept this daily truth that half of each day will be spent in darkness. This has been imposed upon him from the very beginning, when God separated the light from the darkness. This darkness fulfills God’s plan and conforms to His love.

Satanic darkness is different. It destroys God’s plan and interferes with his love. It closes off God’s paths and blinds man to the roads he should walk.

Little by little, event by event, the light has given way to Satan’s darkness – the terror groups, the so-called “Arab Spring” the Syrian revolution, the Ukraine, ISIS and now the Iran nuclear treaty. I said that the Syrian revolution would last a long time and that Satan would use the Syrian revolution to destabilize the Middle East. Now, Putin sees it in his interest to bring it to a close, and to work out a treaty. However, the evil will have been accomplished. Also, a greater evil will arise.

All that I had said about the evil flowing from Syria has happened. Now, the darkness moves on to its next step and will center itself in Iran, another close friend of Russia.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of events already fulfilled and, more important, the greater evil in Iran.

2. Iran, Satan’s Powder keg


Even with Putin’s efforts to bring about accord, Syria will continue to be a battleground. Too many diverse groups have special interests which they will not sacrifice. Those fires will continue to burn, but at a lower level. Most has been reduced to rubble. The government controlled territory has shrunk and no dominant force has emerged. By these years of conflict, the damage has been done and stability has been destroyed.

The Satanic fire now shifts to Iran which strengthens its hold upon its people. Satan has always had his eyes and his hands upon Iran. It is his jewel of the Middle East, the perfect situation to launch his greatest violence and bring about the destruction of Israel. Iran is Satan’s greatest cauldron of fire, of epic proportions and soon with nuclear warheads.

Only Israel fully grasps the situation. Forced into a corner and deserted by President Obama, Israel readies its own plans. It cannot wait and cannot allow a nuclear Iran.

I pull back this veil so that all can see the true plight of mankind. The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation. Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse. Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place. My words have been clear and consistent so everyone will believe that I am speaking. Do not just believe my warnings. Believe also in my promises and obey my requests.

Comment: Nothing could be clearer. Our Lady reveals the true situation.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

& the CRAZY thickens

the "director of the university’s Pride Center, suggested using a variety of gender neutral pronouns instead of traditional pronouns." ... "According to the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the pronouns “he” and “she” are considered signs of intolerance and will no longer be countenanced on campus."