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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FAST & PRAY AMERICA: "this was a dead man release"



RIGGED & BUSTED: Hillary's 1st Strike Nuclear War, Superpac PAYING OFF NBC WSJ, Tracy M.& HUMA A.

JULIAN ASSANGE: the Pamela Anderson Trick Question Answered

now ask yourself, WTF was Pamela all about??!

ANSWER:  http://prntly.com/2016/10/18/attempts-to-frame-assange-as-a-pedophile-and-russias-spy/ because nothing says mental manipulation like sending a known 'boy toy' ... & remember ... Assange won. UK & Sweden lost & US State Dept tried to pressure the WGAD according to its former Chair, Prof. Mads Andenas

"Earlier today it was reported that Secretary of State John Kerry had requested the government of Ecuador to cut off internet access for WikiLeaks head Julian Assange. The U.S. State Department denies such a claim.   However, according to NBC-Universal (not coincidental), the access has indeed been cut."
julian assange 1
Statement from government of Ecuador

Election 2016 - Catholic Argument for Voting against Hillary, &, ... are 'they' really that stupid??!

Assange won. UK & Sweden lost & US State Dept tried to pressure the WGAD according to its former Chair, Prof. Mads Andenas

"Cutting the Internet cord on Julian Assange has not silenced the WikiLeaks mastermind..." "Can they really be that stupid? The U.S. State Dept that thought they could shut down WikiLeaks by cutting Julian Assange's internet connection. It really shows the utter lack of a technical understanding of the internet at the State Dept. Our "best and brightest". Ha-ha! No wonder these guys get hacked. #35 posted on 10/18/2016 2:35:57 PM PDT

As WikiLeaks Access to Internet is Severed, New Clinton Email Bombshell Emerges

Gee, a network news outlet conspiring to destroy a GOP candidate? Imagine that. "According to an NBC insider, “Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid.” Meanwhile, Washington Post clown Chris Cilizza says the media would never choose sides. OK, champ"

'FORWARD TOGETHER' TAKES A CRAP on a Small-Town Georgia Road, REALLY!!

"Innuendo. Isn't that Italian for suppository?"

for Cat Lovers

How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas, & THE CLINTON BAGMAN JUMPS THE SHARK plus bonus ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ stupefying.

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump ENORMOUS 21k Rally in CINCINNATI, OHIO 10/13/2016 Trump Cincinnati Speech

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

absolutely ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ stupefying: but NOT TO WORRY
Domestic Banana SEZ "America will survive 4 years of HRC."


Update: Adams issued the following statement to Breitbart
J. Christian Adams, the President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, has filed a legal complaint to the Federal Election Commission against “Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy Partners, Americans United for Change, and other known and unknown individuals and groups” based on O’Keefe’s second video investigation.

Barry the whiner still whining 

meanwhile: michelle-obama-recruited-to-run-for-senate-chicago-mayor

Kyrie Eleison-Κυριε ελεησον ~ American Coup D'état & WWIII: A LETTER TO AMERICA FROM BRUSSELS

Patriarch appeals for Iraqi unity as army advances on Mosul

Russia is Blowing Up Syria


The US just bombed Yemen

Fire and smoke rise after a Saudi-led airstrike hit a site believed to be one of the largest weapons depots on the outskirts of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, 14 October, 2016.

FED UP FBI Agents Come Forward, Drop BOMBSHELL About Director Comey 

"Prior to the Wikileaks Podesta releases, the website TruePundit reported that in November 2010, Hillary Clinton had discussed killing Assange with a drone strike in a meeting with Obama and national security personnel. Following its initial story, Assange’s attorney, Melinda Taylor, appeared to confirm its accuracy during her remarks at the tenth anniversary conference."