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Friday, April 20, 2018

WWG1WGA: Trap card played…nice work Q. TRUMP card coming. Q ,, Voat Update, CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry, Podesta's Pedovore Art Collection

Democratic Party files suit alleging conspiracy by Trump campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks to sway 2016 election

These people are stupid.

💥DiGenova: Comey Memos 'Detailed Description' of How to Break the Law

"Well, well, well, it looks like Obama’s former Director of National Security may have been a stooge for CNN."



the CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry: "This is the story of how the CIA uses "war zones" to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia."

Sounds like Tony Podesta was seriously obsessed with his pedo art collection

Six Case Studies That Point To Massive Pedophilia Rings At The Highest Levels Of Power

Found this on searchvoat  "i have been doing my best to herd everyone over towards 8ch until we have a better option. at least that site is resilient to attacks and there is no censorship. it's a good alternative for now. a bunch of us are there already.

Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps, New Data Shows

& this 34 BILLION Beaut