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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

UPDATE - Shitz rolling downhill FAST!: BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM!!!!! Q, S./N. Korea to End Conflict/Clowns Out, Medical Kidnap In Tennessee

Ex-Navy Seal Creates Veterans Organization to Expose Pedophiles and Rescue Trafficked Children

this> New Q posts

Q Posts - Tues April 17th

Q Anon Update April 16 – The Tarmac Meeting Part 2

Citigroup/Citibank took 45 billion tax payer dollars in the bank bailouts. They ignored the sanctions against Iran. Now they are trying to undermine our 2nd amendment rights.

Perhaps this all helps explain the nervous Tweets and public tantrums from the compromised former leaders of the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Meet Kimba Wood, Former Playboy Bunny and Soros/HRC Favorite! OVERSEEING THE MICHAEL COHEN CASE! yeah, ... THAT GEORGE SOROS

"If WE can’t see the SHTF now, WE ARE BLIND! Check out the headlines on Drudge... Everything is coming out... medicines, science, space, education, wars, crimes.... ALL of it. Daily... this is REALLY HAPPENING. Shitz rolling downhill FAST!"

Office of Inspector General Report Part 1: Synopsis on Andrew McCab 32. Something on that laptop is so ugly, so damaging NYPD felt it had no choice but to do that. What could it be? Important note: wiener went to prison for a sexual relationship w a child. What else did NYPD expect FBI to look into beyond Weiner's case that was that ugly?

Stunning – An Official End To The Korean War Planned for Next Week…

Trump: “direct talks started”…

& THEN, JAPAN "Among the topics for the summit will be ongoing U.S./Japan trade initiatives, and important discussions about security for Japan as talks continue between South Korea (Moon Jae-in) and North Korea (Kim Jong-un)." 

“Mental Illness” Label Used to Medically Kidnap Mother and Try to Adopt Out Her Children

source, source