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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#QAnon Anticipate Arrests in April, near YouTube Shooting during party falseflag?, “dead” people w/out obituaries, dead people w/out brains, & the rest of us

“You weren’t made to ‘fit in,’ my brothers and sisters. You were born to stand out. Set yourself apart from this corrupt generation. Be saints,” Jim Caviezel _____________________________________________________

PRAYING MEDIC: This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning April 2, 2018.

Florida Obituaries show no Parkland school shooting deaths "A few days after Sandy Hook, I accessed the SSMDI, and none of the “victim” deaths were reported on that date. I also looked for Adam Lanza. He was listed as deceased the day before the Sandy Hook “event,” and he was NOT listed as the son of Peter and Nancy Lanza. I also looked up the various “grieving but tearless parents” as to home ownership and residency in Newtown. All of them had acquired expensive homes (in the $800,000 range) with suddenly ZERO mortgage balances. That is public information. Wolfgang Halbig received numerous death threats after he went to CT and introduced proof that Sandy Hook School had been closed more than two years before the “event.” He was told never to set foot in the state ever again. Personally, I don’t believe a word of any of the “official” versions of the past “gun-control” events." GoldBud 12:23

First Lady Melania Trump Visits with Kyle Kashuv.

They did not make it out of Chiapas: "Mexican radio had it this morning. Up until now they have not been news. Mexican authorities started busting them, and already deported 30 percent of them. A majority of the rest have 10 days to leave, in a southward direction and it has been officially stated they won't be allowed to make it to the U.S. border. The organizer the radio interviewed was in Mexicali in the state of Baja California, where the group was supposed to eventually be."eventually be."

President Trump Tweets, Mexico Blinks, Media Narrative Stinks

".... the organizers owe it to the migrants, the United States, and Mexico to take care of these people. They have no right to encourage these people to invade the borders of the United States, and they know it. The name of the group is Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, and they are associated with Change.org. Change.org is associated with Moveon.Org, which, of course, is owned by George Soros."

meanwhile, on the Canadian border...

Federal Prosecutor John Huber and an upcoming special counsel. Three visible prongs:

Two Examples of Mexican Government Officials Blackmailing U.S. by Threatening Flood of South American Immigrants

PARIS METRO: "Shhh…not to worry, the politically correct news readers will never tell you that the dangerous stations are virtually all in Muslim migrant communities."

Suspended Twitter Account Owner Says Situation Escalated to “New Level”

Van der Zwaan, 33, becomes the first person sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian collusion during the 2016 election. The son-in-law of a Russian oligarch, van der Zwaan entered his guilty plea in February for lying about his work in Ukraine with Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy Rick Gates.