........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Thursday, April 12, 2018

#Q Posts - Thurs April 12th - SYRIA THEATER: Adults in charge & the Swamp continues to drain. Twitter censorship algorithm down, &, GasKillingAnimal

Q Posts - Thurs April 12th

Trump's ''Gas Killing Animal'' = GKA - Discreditable Incidents - Civilian or Military

< Facebook's Building 8: "Another project involves brain-scanning technology and is lead by a former John Hopkins neuroscientist who helped develop a mind-controlled prosthetic arm. Yet another project could have medical applications, as it's led by an interventional cardiologist from Stanford with expertise in early-stage medical device development. The group is also planning to jumpstart a fifth unspecified project, and is currently looking for the right person to lead it. Overseeing everything is Regina Dugan, the former DARPA executive..." FB is a branch of DARPA,  ... makes sense now

Twitter censorship algorithm down  

Cambridge Analytica acting CEO steps down

Q Posts - Wed April 11th 

Ohhhh... Mr. President, You Fooled ((( them ))) Again!!!! / TRUST THE PLAN -- Go Against TRUMP and Q and You Will be WRONG, Every. Single. Time.

Situation created by deep state neocons desiring proxy wars