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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Youtube Purge, EO12/21 from 13 to 1,100, HRC'sU1, Mass Casualty Incident in Houston


New Explosive Details Emerge on Hillary’s Uranium One Scam

CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead

YouTube now scrubbing older videos about SANDY HOOK shooting as content purge accelerates; strike issued against Health Ranger for 2012 interview of banned book author

Q said, "What does every good movie need?, good actors": "I think Trump chose Mueller because Mueller had been blackmailed by the Deep State for a long, long time(just like all of the congressmen not running for reelection). In exchange for immunity, Mueller was tapped to lead the investigation into the Deep State, as they would never see it coming. Selecting the lawyers that he did takes them off the field and can further the charade that the investigation is of Trump. But if you recall, the investigation is of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He could very well be investigating the Russian role in supporting the Clinton Campaign, Clinton Foundation finances, and Uranium 1." RadJag


"Pay attention. Trump is draining the swamp. Look at the names more to come. Make this post huge . Watch for trolls. The Deep state will try to make this a nothing burger, When a head of state is listed it is huge, the last time a head of state to face anything similar was Pinochet." Maepaperclip

Summary: "Strzok has been investigated and possibly flipped. Michael Horowitz is a hero. Jeff Sessions is a good actor (both white hat and thesbian). And POTUS is a 4D chess grand champion.
It appears to me that the justice department is moving from lower and mid level bad actors to, potentially high level officials with the announcement of the IG FISA investigation.
Based on the evidence, I continue to have faith that big things are happening behind the scenes. I will continue to watch closely in the months ahead."

But WAIT! There's MORE!:"The list includes accusations that Israel’s deputies and other employees are responsible for drug-trafficking, armed kidnapping, falsifying records, battery, assault and more." comments have it

FLA. False Flag, CAIR & the muslim world take over

THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES: why (((they))) are taunting Trump to attack NK for real. It's the backup plan.