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Friday, March 23, 2018

THE NORMIE EDITION: #redpills4normies #QAnon - only two Pawns remain on the Board, Craigslist, Sarkozy Arrested, Ukrainian & Venezuela, flipping the script; investigate the investigators.

“My first death threat as a journalist was when I was 23, That was a long time ago. If the Deep State is angry now, we haven’t even gotten to the meat of the series. And that gets printed whether I am here or not."

Q Posts - Friday March 23

New Q (Mar 23, 2018) Tripcode Update

The BQQM. BQQM.BQQM, appear to be 3 moves

Ex-French President Sarkozy Arrested

For the people who still cling to the Russia conspiracy theory, this news


Robyn Gritz @vabelle2010 was a Supervisory Special Agent w @FBI whom Andrew McCabe personally targeted & tried to destroy.

meanwhile: Rod is busy committing treason and exposing his partners in crime.

& last of all for the normies: Woke up to a crystal clear, brisk northern US (right before you drive into Canada) day. By lunchtime, this was all over the sky. Just a regional airport flying south.

flipping the script; investigate the investigators. 

David Hogg Is Disgusted
#redpills4normies:  here you go. Larry (died in a mysterious car accident) Sinclair, Funny how CNN is obsessed with the sex life of Trump before he was Potus but didn't care about Obama's. & then there's Joan's mysterious death
AH, BUT WE HAVE BEEN ASTUTE:  "an intimate conversation in a sacred space of sisterhood and fellowship.”
Must suck being responsible for Security Systems that leaks peoples data and privacy all over the place.

Ambassador John Bolton to Replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor

It’s a 6 month bill (that gives our soldiers what they need. Seriously? SIX MONTH BILL) take a chill everyone "Q post 520: >"Jan 13 2018 22:09:38 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 8 …Because of the Democrats not being interested in life and safety, DACA has now taken a big step backwards. The Dems will threaten “shutdown,” but what they are really doing is shutting down our military, at a time we need it most. Get smart, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY!" FOCUS on POTUS' Tweet above. If D's shutdown the gov't - what happens to the US MILITARY? What specifically occurs? Think budget. Why is this relevant?" Military was funded. DACA not included. And it is all supposed to be wrapped up by 11/11. I am just going to enjoy the show and realize that I cannot control all of the fools in Congress that like to make bills with the Feds funny money. I am praying for the currency reset to help clear a lot of these issues but in the meantime, the military is taken care of to finish the job of draining the swamp."
o $12m for Scholarships for Lebanon
o $20m for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program
o $12m in military funding for Vietnam
o $3.5m in nutrition assistance to Laos
o $15m in Developmental assistance to China
o $10m for Women LEOs in Afghanistan
o $1m for the World Meteorological Organization
o $218m for Promoting Democracy Development in Europe (yep..the birthplace of democracy needs promoting)
o $25m for International Religious Freedom
o $10m for disadvantaged Egyptian Students
o $1.371bn for Contributions to International Organizations
o $51m to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health
o $7m promoting International Conservation
o $10m for UN Environmental Programs
o $961 million to destroy our chemical weapons. Who was it, exactly, who convinced our government to pay billions to develop weapons we now find deplorable?
o $5m for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants
o $2.579m for Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe
o $15m to USAID for promoting international higher education between universities
o $2.696bn for International Disaster Assistance
o $1m for the Cultural Antiquities Task Force
o $6.25m for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation
o $20m for Countering Foreign State Propaganda
o $12m for Countering State Disinformation and Pressure
Page 376 of terrible, rotten, no-good budget busting bill:
I found it! I found it! Border security, what President Trump wanted!
no . . .wait a minute section says Defense can spend what funds it determines to enhance the border security of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia
DEEP STATE vs. LONE STAR STATE: "Sounds like another typical case of offing the patsy (or the CIA’s MKUltra mind-controlled pawn) so that the official narrative cannot be debated, or even questioned."

Craigslist drops personal ads due to sex trafficking bill

the Ukrainian Genocide & the Depopulation of Venezuela "this is the exact scheme. Maybe with more violence, seizing tons of white cheese at gunpoint in a road to sell it to the lazy people unable to take responsibility for their starvation but they will also take food looted from a decent honest farmer."