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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

And there you have it. Substance: Based Black Alert, the brainchild of the Women’s March

Based Black Alert over here!!

"And there you have it. Substance. And it is real. If Trump makes this happen, it will mark him permanently as an amazing president, and there will be nothing CNN can do about that." via JSFJ

"If anyone calls Trump a "talking yam" and complains about him securing the elections with monitoring by the secret service, OBVIOUSLY they know the elections are rigged, and securing the election is not any sort of abuse of power. Why would anyone worry, other than if they fully intended to STEAL POWER by rigging the whole thing?
SEE THIS, and oh, by the way "chilling" and "unprecedented" have now been outed as communist trigger words!" JSFJ


the brainchild of the Women’s March: "an organization founded and still run by fangirls of a rabid anti-Semite. So naturally their initiatives are embraced by the nation’s teachers."