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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/5-7/15 ★ the antichrist & Satan’s plan. A divided America, message to Ivan @ Blue Cross, Medjugorje 5/11/15


The present is not present, it is instant; and you must work right now, this instant, to harvest a crop in My Will. Rest assured that if you are faithful to Me I will not leave you. revelaciones marianas May 6th, 2015


5. Splintering and Dividing

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Without this unity of faith, the future of America will be filed with splintering and dividing.  People will seek unity in the constitution, laws and elections, the usual means of oneness.  These will not be able to overcome the powers of division that lie hidden in the soul of America and will begin to come forth.

Why do these forces arise now?  This is Satan’s plan.  A divided America cannot fulfill its role of gathering the nations.  Adequate responses will not be made to world problems.  All will realize America’s inner weak nesses.

All these evils are but a preparation for the events that will erupt from within.  So many economic safeguards have been ignored.  So many problems that cried out for attention have been overlooked.  These problems will unite, place more pressure upon the fragile unity and lead to more outcries that will accelerate the divisions.

This is not a pretty picture and it has not yet come forth.  Leaders will arise who will try to deal with these problems.  Some will love America and honestly try to bring solutions.  Others will just use this situation for their own political gains, exploiting the problems and not alleviating them. With their rhetoric, they will attract many and will complicate the divisions.

Forces will go in so many different directions.  Circumstances will add to the problems and hasten division.  America will find itself where it never thought it could be – a divided country seeking to regain its unity.

I am not speaking here of a total break nor a lack of continuity with the past.  I am speaking of the future storms which America will face.  O America, choose your leaders wisely.  Place your country in the hands of those who will protect its unity and who are willing to sacrifice political expediency for the true future good.

Comment:  Our Lady brings this series to a close.  She has tried to warn America.

1. The Lord of History

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I do not want the collapse of society or outbreaks of violence.  However, mankind has allowed these seeds to be sown.  When these inner forces break forth, all will see what was hidden.  Indeed, people are beginning to see.  What was hidden is becoming known until it is clear to everyone that the world is not what it used to be.

I will speak again of this current situation, of a world wrapped in fear, aware of growing destructive forces and of severe inner weaknesses.  What will happen?  Who will come to save mankind?  What can be done?

Human life flows from one day to the next.  The human person rises each morning with the burdens of the day before.  Life has a continuity of joys and sorrows, light and darkness, until something new enters which changes the whole picture.  If this is good, the person rejoices.  If it is bad, the person tries to cope and to change.

It is the same with society.  It, too, has its own life (almost like the human person).  The difference is that all share in this life.  There is a common history and a sharing in the events of good or evil.  No one can detach themselves from society.  All live in this stream and all are affected by the way it flows.

Jesus was extremely interested in all of human history.  He sent his disciples to the whole world and promised to be with them until the end of history, when he would come again in His glory.

I want to teach one consoling truth.  Mankind is not alone.  He is not set adrift on the turbulent ocean of history.  Jesus lived in history, died in history, rose in history and is the Lord of history.  The history of these coming years has not yet been written.  Will they be years of victory or defeat, years of light or darkness?  All of that is still to be decided.

Comment:  Without faith, mankind believes he is alone.  With faith, man knows that God is with him.

2. The Forces Contained in History

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Who can describe all that is buried in the heart of human history?  Heroic deeds and sinful acts are side by side.  Powerful cultures have come about which daily form and even control human hearts.  These are the complex forces which man faces each day of human existence.

All human history constantly flows, inevitably moving forward to some unknown future, shaped by forces that are not seen and are unknown to many.  People become instruments of these forces, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

I speak to reveal the greatest force of all in human history, the love which the heavenly Father has for mankind and the great gift of Jesus whom He sent because He so loved the world.  I also speak of another act of the Father’s love, hidden for many centuries.  Foreseeing that an age will come in human history when the evil power gained by man will reach a point where mankind would control destructive powers able to destroy earth itself and remove human life, the Father decreed that his gift of Jesus would be given again to the world in a new and completely fresh way.  The gift is not new because Jesus is His Beloved Son.  However, access to the gift and the outpouring of the gift will be new, as will be the signs and wonders associated with the gift.  I speak because this newness is surprising and many familiar with the former ways might not know how to respond.

All can see the uniqueness of this age, that mankind controls nuclear weapons.  All cannot see the newness of the Father’s gift.  The Father has not abandoned the world.  The Father has not been surprised by these developments.  The Father has not been caught off guard.  He foreknew.  He planned.  He acted.  I am revealing this mystery planted in my Immaculate Heart.

Comment:  Jesus is God’s answer and He is always finding new ways to come to us.

“Dear children, also today anew I desire to call you that through this time you pray for my intentions – for my plans which I desire to realize by my coming here. Pray, dear children, and be persevering in prayer. The Mother prays with you and intercedes for all of you before Her Son. Thank you, dear children, for also today having responded to my call.” Our Lady message to Ivan at the Blue Cross, Medjugorje, May 11, 2015

"Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Draw near to Me. Seek My presence. Attend the most holy sacrifice of mass as often as you can for the winds of change are blowing. Persecution awaits you. Soon, you will need to remain in prayer the whole day through. Increase your prayer time each day. Become habitual prayer warriors. Pray without ceasing, My Little Ones. Satan plans the destruction of My Church. Satan desires the damnation of the world. Pray. Let your prayers ascend to My throne of mercy each day. Pray without ceasing. I count on you. Your efforts will not go unrewarded. Hear Me, Beloved. Pray for the Lost. Pray. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom" message to Jabez, Sunday, 10 May 2015