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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/29,30/15 ★ the false goddess of reason, rushing like stampeding cattle to Satan’s slaughterhouse.

Pressures will begin to ease in your life now as you seek Me, as you set aside time for Me more, as you sing praises to Me.
You have endured long and shown your faithfulness, and now you shall be rewarded, My child. I greatly desire to show My power in your situation, and as you continue to lift your most holy faith to Me, I shall.
You will now experience breakthrough in that which you most desire!
Your time has come to be rewarded for your belief. My mighty power flows in your situation as you praise Me. wingsofprophecy 5/4/15


10. The Great Prophet Who will Prepare the Way

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Only as the various parts of Satan’s plan come together, will mankind see how many foolish decisions have weakened the social and economic structures which are needed for human life.  With these events, people will see the truth of my words expressed in these locutions.  They will have a glimmer of hope.  “If Our Lady knew of these events and spoke about them, surely she plans to help us.”

My word brings hope because I am not just a woman of words but a woman of power and action.  I am a woman to whom all these mysteries have been revealed and who understands all that Satan has done and will do.  My words reveal mysteries, events, and the forces that vie for man’s heart.   Most of all, my words reveal myself, my care of the human race and my place in the heavenly Father’s plan.  So, let me begin to reveal myself so you can have the greatest hope.

I was with the heavenly Father from the beginning, always central to his thoughts.  He spoke about me to Satan in the Garden of Eden.  He said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman”.   I was His response to the Satanic darkness.

The Father waited for centuries because the human race was not ready and would not have received the gift fully.  Israel had to be prepared by the patriarchs, the kings and the prophets.  Finally, when the great prophet (John the Baptist) was conceived, the Father’s plan could unfold.

In these little locutions, I have spoken so often of God’s plan being delayed.  The reason is the same.  A great prophet must arise who will prepare for my coming and the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s plan from the beginning.  When this great prophet heralds my name, exalts my prerogatives and prepares the Church, I will be able to come.  I will not delay.  Watch and pray now.  The time is soon.

Comment:  We need to watch and pray so all of these divine events will happen soon.  You are important in God’s plan.


11. The Goddess of Reason

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The ways I want to lead humanity are filled with mysteries and cannot be grasped by human reason.  The clouds are so dark that the sun of reason no longer shines.  Can human reason find any path to peace?  Can reason guide a world through this forest of violence and unrest?  Can reason establish economic foundations that will not crumble?  Reason is powerless against the inner passions that drive the world.

Another light exists, a light which modern man has put away.  The modern world despises faith and totally rejects its light.  Now, the world lives in a darkness whose power strangles human life.  Forces still lie hidden in human hearts and human cultures.  While these powers are coming forth, one after another, like troops in battle array, man clings to his reason and rejects the only light that can lead to peace.  So, I must reveal my mysteries.  My words are like an emergency light which grows more powerful as the darkness spreads.

In the French Revolution, man decided to exalt the goddess of reason, demanding that all should bow to her power.  Faith was set aside and liberty was declared.  A revolution quite different from America’s was released.  These waters still flow and faith is made suspect, always the servant of reason, instead of the other way around.

The great heavenly powers which alone can turn back the current darkness can only be released by an ascendency of faith.  Man must depose the false goddess of reason from a position that she does not deserve and allow faith to become the light for the nations.

Comment:  Faith has been stolen from modern man and he does not realize his loss.