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Friday, May 1, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/26-28/15 ★ Nothing stands between the human race & destruction.

I dote upon the faithful Hearted
and look to these Children like they are gems

St. Joseph “Terror of the Demons” Pray for us


7. The Womb of the Elect

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When human history comes to the end, Jesus will return in glory as king of kings and take to himself all of the elect.  Who are these elect?  How did they become the chosen ones?

In Jesus, all are chosen and given a name.  All have a role to play and a task to fulfill.  Jesus is the beginning and the end.  All was created in him (the beginning) and all is created for him (the end).  Only those who share His life can live forever in the kingdom.  These are the mysteries I will now explain.

I am a mother who gave birth to Jesus and I am a mother who is right now trying to bring forth all my children, giving them this new birth.  All holiness takes place in my womb, made holy by Jesus’ presence for nine months.  This is the great mystery of becoming a chosen one.  All must enter my womb to be born again to new life.  This is the heavenly Father’s plan for this age, the revelation of the great secret and the unfolding of His plan.

The Father always intended a worldwide salvation where everyone knew they were chosen and they, in turn, could easily choose to accept their election.  Needless to say, the Father’s plan has not unfolded.  What should have been preached has not been preached.  What should have been shouted from the housetops has not gone forth.  So, I must use these little locutions to reveal the great secrets.

My womb is the most special place in the whole world.  The Holy Spirit in his fullness descended upon my womb.  The Son of God, in his fullness, lived in my womb.  What the womb of Eve was supposed to be by nature (as mother of the living) my womb became by God’s favor.  I am the mother of the living and of the elect.  You can only understand these present events by reading the story in Revelations.

Comment:  Our Lady is speaking of the battle between the Woman and the dragon in Revelations, Chapter 12.

8. A Blindfolded Humanity

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At times, there are victories and, at other times, there are defeats.  This is the mystery I need to make clear.  By his death, Jesus won the victory.  When Jesus returns this victory will be complete.  However, not every moment and every event in human history is a victory.  A war is taking place which is quite difficult to grasp.

Why are there defeats?  Why is history not a complete string of victories?  Is Jesus not the all-powerful king of kings?  The answer lies in the free will of the human person and in the powers of Satan’s kingdom, that reign of darkness which killed Jesus and tries to destroy God’s plans.

A defeat comes about when man uses his free will.  Although able to enter into victory, he decides instead to choose defeat.  He is blinded by the darkness.  Like someone who is blindfolded, he foolishly reaches out and grasps what is harmful and even lethal.  Satan uses these blindfolded people.  He raises them to high and powerful positions.  He gives them great influence which can change whole cultures.  He even gives them worldwide powers that can destroy the universe.  Some willingly become their helpers, while others are just caught up, helpless, in their evil.

I have just described the state of the world.  Little defeats have led to greater defeats and this darkness that blindfolds so many has multiplied.

Is there any light?  Can any power remove the blindfolds?   And when they are removed and people see the reality, can any power give them hope, so despair does not defeat them?  What shall I answer?  Certainly, no human person or even a group of human persons can bring this about.  For this very moment, Jesus has established his Church, the greatest of mysteries, his Bride and the heart of his victory.

I must come to the Church in a new way.  I must be welcomed by the Church and given free rein.  Nothing must impede the desires of my heart.  Time and again I point out this road as the only path to victory. Otherwise, a blindfolded humanity will enter into an unimaginable defeat.

Comment:  It is a great mystery how Jesus won the victory but human history is filled with defeats.

9. Revealing The Hidden Mysteries

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I must explain all these mysteries because the evil that flows in man’s heart is so often covered over and God’s plan remains hidden.  These are the two great powers which constantly contend to gain the victory.

Mankind is distracted, taken up with money, security, pleasure and power.  Satan easily triumphs.  Mankind walks with him. He increases the money, multiplies fears (so security is sought) reveals new sources of pleasure and endows people with greater powers to control the universe.  People call this progress and rush like stampeding cattle to Satan’s slaughterhouse.  The pace quickens.  Other options are removed.

Soon, so very soon, finality will set in.  This will be the only possible road.  The forces that drive mankind into the consuming darkness will have won a complete victory.  Nothing stands between the human race and destruction.  All agree that these forces, although not yet in place, can soon be unleashed.

Hidden deeply within human history is another power, the heavenly Father’s Plan.  This was inserted into the world at Bethlehem with Jesus’ birth and came to its fullness with his victory on the cross.  The Resurrection assured its permanent abiding.  This victory is so imbedded in history that no power, no matter how great or extensive, will ever remove it.

This power flows in the hearts of the faithful and comes forth in the cultural structures of churches and schools.  More important, this power touches everyone and raises up those who will lead the world.

Now, I speak of the great mystery.  The power of the Resurrection must burst forth, like water crashing through a mighty dam.  Its rivers must flow everywhere.  All must change.  Nothing else suffices.  This is the mystery of my Immaculate Heart and the promises of Fatima.  The rivers of Resurrection power will flood the earth.  It is late, very late and only these waters can save distracted mankind from Satan’s powers.

Comment:  Evil’s power is seen by all.  The power of the Resurrection needs the eyes of faith.

"And a great Sign appeared in Heaven:
A Woman clothed with the Sun, 
and the Moon under Her feet,
and on Her Head a Crown of twelve Stars:
And She brought forth a Man Child, 
Who was to Rule with an iron rod: 
and Her Son was taken up to GOD, 
and to His Throne." Apoc.12:1-5