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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/25/15 ★ FATIMA IS THE CENTRAL MISSION, &, Satan controls many hearts at this point in time. I now claim what he has stolen from Me.

But I cannot wait.  This is what I want to reveal.  The Fatima lights are beginning to go forth now.  They are breaking out.  They can no longer be contained in my heart.  I will not wait.

6. Mary’s Priest Son

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The Fatima light is loved by few and unknown to most.  However, no one knows all of its powers because they are still contained within the promise.  That promise involves world peace.  More important, it includes the salvation of millions of souls.

The Fatima gift is vast, affecting the whole world and the very future of mankind’s existence.  How can it be set aside?  How can it be ignored and even unknown to most?  Now, do you see the mysteries and sorrows of my heart?  Now, do you see why I will continue to lift up these little locutions?  These locutions do not hold back my words.  Whatever I reveal is published quickly, every word and every thought.  The gentle stream of my words goes forth each day, available to the whole world.  Let me explain why I do this.

Your eyes can see the wars and violence that spread and spread.  The names have become familiar to you, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, ISIS, Al- Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and so many others.   All of these forces have come forth.  But what about the destructive powers which are still hidden?   Has Satan played all his cards?  Not at all.  He has many others waiting in the wings, more destructive than these others.

No world leader understands and none have the resources to stop this flow of evil.   Only Fatima contains that power.  What will I do?  I am fashioning my priest son and so uniting him with Fatima that the two are one.  I placed Fatima in his heart on the day of ordination and over these years, I have made his call so clear that he knows fully what he must do.   For him, Fatima is his central mission.  I will lead him and guide him during these years until the great gift placed in his priesthood is opened for the whole world.

Comment:  Our Lady outlines both the problems and her plan.

“Praise be to the divine Heart that wrought our salvation; 
to It be glory and honor for ever.” Amen.