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Monday, June 4, 2018

The dam is about to burst: Free Greg Burleson from Allenwood prison, The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson, VOP Alpha Co, Kanye Violent Crimes

VOP Alpha Co - Team Pulaski on FB Live - They are going to set up tables at their camps with the children's items they've collected after police collected the appropriate evidence. They are calling for all parents/families of missing children to come identify property, if they can. " I am seeing reports that this land is owned by a Mexican construction company that contributed to and receved construction contracts in Haiti by...wait for it...the Clinton Global initiative."

Senator denied entry into migrant detention facility, claims he saw kids caged in another 

Another Big Resignation. BOOM? & ANOTHER!!

SCOTUS Rules 7-2: Christian Baker Wins Case Against Colorado Civil Rights Commission "People are free to dislike you. Deal with it. This is America. It’s called freedom"

The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson: "He was arrested (for something he didn't do, 'breach of the peace'). Charged with something he didn't do (contempt of court). Sentenced and jailed within hours. His solicitor was turned away and so wasn't present, and then, having disappeared him to nobody knew where, they prevented the entire British media from reporting on it.
... They did this because they could. They did this because they wanted to. They did this because It was 'Tommy Robinson', and one way or the other he was going back inside. He just had to give them the opportunity.
There will be a march at Whitehall this Saturday at 3pm. Several notables may well be present. Be there too.
Do this because you can. do this if you want to. Do this because it was Tommy Robinson."

"Greg Burleson was convicted in the first Bunkerville Standoff trial and sentenced last July to 68 years in prison. The exculpatory evidence proving Burleson's innocence was successfully hidden by the federal government in his trial, but would be exposed during the trial of key defendants leading to a mistrial and dismissal of charges against many of the defendant."

"An ex-Navy sailor that was pardoned by President Trump says he is bringing legal action against the Obama administration and James Comey. The former Navy sailor says he was subject to unequal protection of the law, referencing that the same people who handed out his punishment went lenient on Hillary Clinton." 

FBI arrests ex-defense intelligence officer accused of spying on US for China