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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bilderberg #11 - The “post-truth” world, TUCSON SABOTAGE

The Bilderbergs just met in Turin:  #11 The “post-truth” world 

Crisis at the National Archives  O LOOK ... Soetoro's key records missing, just kapoofipooh ... gone. & MORE BARI:

Recent 'open letter' and apology to the Oswald family from E. Howard Hunt's son, St. John Hunt, for his father's CIA role in Kennedy assassination.

Praying Medic: G7 Summit Update - POTUS, Russia & Iran

ITALY:  the country's new populist government will no longer bear the brunt of unchecked migration from North Africa into Europe. "Who is paying the crew of this ship?"  

"If Tuscon was a psyop, then it backfired horribly. The digging we and 8chan got was incredible. More people got red pilled about pizzagate, etc." darknight111 

"Loaded false article Sawyer lies and the article is way imbalanced, First Sawyer didn't investigate he did a photo op and hid most of the evidence he was shown which was clear and evident a rape trafficking camp, Sawyer lied like a dog AFTER his 180. No Standoff, Gov not shutting them down, local support out the ass,

"Controlled opposition, they outed themselves. Same with Jack Prosobiec on Twitter." "Sawyer changing his tune stinks to high heaven. He's been threatened or compromised."

"MSM says its a right wing conspiracy. Alex Jones says its a left wing conspiracy. So now there's a media blackout on reporting it at all?? ..odd." 

"Considering he was on a Dan Schneider show, this looks like a silencing job. Poor Kid."

meanwhile: George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”