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Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Now comes the pain." - Q: #PedoGate, Panda & Red Dragon, ISRAEL, IT'S ON FOR JUNE 12th, #Chemtrails


"Now comes the pain." - Q

5 most wanted ISIS terrorists trapped returning messages to a phone seized a few months ago.

Q Post #1320, “The deal kept Iran quiet”

Q Was Right And Elemi Fuentes Breaks It WIDE OPEN: Rachel Chandler, Clinton Cabal, Hollywood Mk's and Modelling Agencies  
They want your ass asleep!: "This is your hero on a white horse? She's getting 12 year old girls to sing about having the best crack cocaine on your street! What the actual fuck?
Plus then so many major motion pictures used that song to push their movies - because it's cute and fun! Hollywood loves her - think about it people. Hollywood permitted her music to be thrown on all sorts of movies. Do you think Hollywood would really push an artist that is trying to shake up their power structure or expose actual crimes against humanity? No!

"This is massive!!!! The article won't say his name. Noticed a lotta FBI joint Pedo raids globally." 

Trump’s Iran Deal Decision Was a Masterstroke

"In other words, Obama used the UN to hamstring Congress and deny the public’s representatives the ability to conduct congressional oversight over his foreign policy. Tuesday Trump characterized Obama’s deal as “a great embarrassment to me as a citizen, and to all citizens of the United States.” And he was right. For to secure Iranian acceptance of the JCPOA, Obama destroyed America’s credibility as an adversary and an ally alike."

“Peace is the prize.”

Historic Meeting Between Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un Scheduled for June 12 in Singapore "The family of Tony Kim, one of the prisoners released from North Korea Wednesday, is thanking God and President Donald Trump for his release from captivity.

"It’s really rather simple actually.  President Trump played to the panda image, while understanding that Beijing fully controlled Pyongyang – the red dragon aspect."

The California Public Employees' Retirement System: Filing Pre-Signed Expense Forms is a Felony