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Monday, May 28, 2018

God Bless Those Who Have Fallen For Our Freedom! #FREETOMMY , senomyx = aborted fetuses = “artificial flavors”, Jake the Hound

Group of strangers drive lost dog 3000km home: "We had 20 different drivers, three overnights and a lot of stops for Jake.”

“Oh, yeah, people are mad about that But, you know, I don’t give a f*ck,” Roseanne exclaimed 

“As long as there’s a majority in Congress that is willing to do this president’s will and as long as we have a deeply unethical president, there’s only one remedy,” said the leakin’ monster of no control

What Kind of "Western Nation" Government Orders A Media Blackout On Something They Did Within Their Own Borders -
"Tommy Robinson has been arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. A job that he chooses to do with no regard for his own safety, informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah. Fighting against adversity and reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of." Their prayers are why this country isn't Britain right now

beginning to wonder outloud instead of just inside their own head: Attacks from all sides will increase

We live in a wicked wicked world: Nestlé, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods / Cadbury Chocolate "if you use products created by Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Starbucks, PepsiCo, & until
recently Campbells & Solae, you are using products created in part by testing on aborted fetuses. That's right, aborted fetuses are used under the name of “artificial flavors” to test these products."    "In June, Nestlé withdrew all advertisements plugging Maggi immediately after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) asked it to pull nine variants of the 2-minute noodles, calling them “unsafe and hazardous” for human consumption." 

& this strange article: The study was published online May 6 in the journal Fertility and Sterility. 

#PizzaGate: "The Pizzeria is at the center of the child trafficking business ecosystem. Nancy Pelosi is a Pizzeria Owner too. It's part of the process of climbing the ranks towards the presidency, you have to own a slave garden. The Pizzeria (sometimes donut shop) is also a place to launder money proceeds from trafficing and it is often associated to an ugly art gallery and a bad band show venue" or Everytime the HEAT Comes Up On the CABAL, HW BUSH Feels Woozy and Checks Into the Hospital

Update list of Human Trafficking arrests. 

"As disturbing as these photos and documents are, the last few days for me, and my family, have been even more so, which is why I am saying goodbye."


meanwhile, in California, & L.A.

&, in parts of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan