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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Coup Deep Sht Breaking: Lupe Fiasco -Bitch Bad, #JFKFiles Released, 💥Secrets of CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry💥, Pompeo & RocketMan, Kardashian RedPills

Q posts - Thurs Apr 26

Breaking: the 18,731 remaining #JFKFiles were released today in keeping with Trump's "direction" to do so 

Now is the time we need to be on high alert.

With all the shit that's breaking just within last week alone, the deep state is obviously going to be plotting a false flag to control the narrative.

That flag in the image is the new Antifa flag. Note the similarities between it and the Nazi flag. Some of Antifa's other flags resembled Ukranian fascist flags.

Seems the plot is for Antifa to do something violent and frame conservatives as Nazis.

We can fight this thing. We just need some autists to do the following:

Where is Antifa deploying within the next two weeks?

Watch the ads for crisis actor deployments for the next two weeks.

-edit: https://refusefascism.org/protests-and-events/ Found this. Could these be possible targets?

Fun fact: Facism aka Nazi idealogy is actual Authoritarian LEFT (ie National SOCIALISM) not right leaning (that false depiction is to frame conservatives). It is only more right leaning than communism, the extreme end of authoritarian left.

"The coup de grace appears to be close. Rudy Giuliani has joned Trump’s legal team. It’s worth noting he is a prosecutor, not a defense attorney. The “big” Inspector General report is scheduled for release by May 15, with yet another IG report specifically on the FISA abuse to be delivered at a future date not yet stipulated. Slowly but surely Sessions has maneuvered every piece on the board to indict virtually every one of the Deep State up to and including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Will he? It’s played out the way he intended for two years. My money is on Jeff."

via Kayne West & this: “He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America? Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card?” Kim Kardashian West

Nigeria 'baby factory' raided in Lagos "The babies can be sold for adoption, used for child labour, trafficked to Europe for prostitution or killed for ritual purposes."

💥THE EXPECTED LIFESPAN OF A SEX SLAVE: "Some kids are killed in this process because stun guns are used too much or they are given too much of a drug. What drug they are given will depend on how long they have to be transported in the next leg of their journey. Routinely the kids are naked the whole time. ... But Bush, Sr. when he was DCI, left me in the basement of the CIA with this child, George, who was about 10 years old with the instruction to torture him into being an oracle. Given the ages of his relatives when he was DCI, this boy named George was probably his nephew George Herbert Walker IV. I had one scared boy on my hands. I had done "interrogations" before for the CIA. ... They were killing children in rituals. They still are. And the heads of the CIA are all cowards that prefer to allow American children be raped and tortured under them then be honorable men and protect them. They do not even lift a pen to abolish the CIA's own torture of American children."

Secretary Pompeo Travel to Brussels, Riyadh, Jerusalem, and Amman

Since then, Turner,former Hillary Aide, was forced out of her job as commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

James O'Keefe Strikes Again! Twitter Hidden Interview!