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Friday, March 23, 2018

note to quitters & leakers: Anyone slamming Trump Omnibus needs to lay off! Think Strategically! It's a Trojan Horse NOT a Budget.

BTW, there's an extra 80 Billion in military spending for National Security. The Wall, falls under national security.....

It's made crystal clear that the Inspector General will not have his work impeded by shenanigans.

Correct. Trump signed a Trojan Horse. It is NOT a Budget. It's an Omnibus Bill.Trump signed to fund the military, & got handed a virtual blank check to spend as he sees fit. PLUS, specific funding burried within the 2000+ pages earmarked for The IG & AG Sessions to POUNCE!!!

Omni bill, over 2000 pages. Did they read it. #QAnon You can bet Trump and team combed it....and maybe buried little gems like this in it?

"If you’re concerned about changes in President Trump’s cabinet, the new spending bill or the general chaos in government, I’d encourage to listen to this. The President is working strategically to accomplish things he can’t discuss publicly. That why he’s authorized Q anon to speak to us on his behalf. Q has repeatedly told us to trust the plan."

& I've got your Bolton right here

"We looked at a veto, I looked very seriously at the veto. I was thinking about doing the veto, but because of the incredible gains we've been able to make for the military, that overrode any of our thinking, ... There are a lot of things I'm unhappy about in this bill. There are a lot of things that we shouldn't have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military, I will never sign another bill like this again." President Trump