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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

9. This is f___ing staggering. They were launching an effort to decapitate via show trials the entire Exec branch.

So there you have it. Coincidence? It’s the 7th time…

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12. This is a calculated smear aimed ENTIRELY at AG Sessions using a huge media outlet that will reach as many normies as possible to paint McCabes firing as revenge by the AG & to cover up the *true* nature of what McCabe did.
13. Think about it: ABC isn't cable. It's basic channel. This smear is gonna run in every American household all week potentially. This is a direct attack by the coup conspirators.
14. These people are scared, and they are going nuclear trying to stop what's coming. Let's explore why:

Senate passes anti-sex-trafficking bill opposed by tech companies

Keystone SES 
COO of Fakebook http://i.magaimg.net/img/2wwy.png
COO of Instagram http://i.magaimg.net/img/2wwz.png

SEPT. 2010: Facebook CEO Admits To Calling Users ‘Dumb Fucks’
. meanwhile: 3/21/18  The blowback has been swift.
. & September 29, 2017 Damaging Wikileaks Email Shows Zuckerberg Met With Hillary Campaign Chair Podesta Before Election

The Conspiracy Extends to the Musical Scale

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