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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

4th nor'easter & O LOOK!! 'they' chemtrailed the NE to complete whiteout after 7 days COMPLETELY CLEAR, KRISTINE MARCY - MAKE HER FAMOUS, then he called CNN during the lockdown, &, WHY IS ZUCKY HIDING!

"We have so few sunny days anymore. We wake to undifferentiated aluminum skies and go to bed with the same undifferentiated aluminum skies. WE ARE BEING MADE WAR UPON! here in southern Oregon and northern California. This Luciferian experiment on ALL living things MUST end. The poison rains down continually from military and commercial flights (Alaskan Airlines to name one, documented on Flight Tracker). Mr. President, you had better get CA in line, firmly in hand or you will lose the ENTIRE west coast to the gibbering minions of the evil wizard Schwartz. Prophet say: Work to end Geo-engineering with some proof that creation is being returned to the blessed hand of God, or the Lord will abandon you, Sir. Like Saul was abandoned. God bless and protect our US military men, women and dogs. Lord Jesus who loved the wild places, Guide President Trump. He must wield the Sword of Righteous Truth and not falter now. Walk in Beauty all my relations."

Why, How, Who – The “Big Picture” in Video Summary

Kristine Marcy Founder of SES Surrenders to Field McConnell
................> (Mar. 16, 2018) "Marcy’s brother, Field McConnell, is a retired pilot who flew fighter jets for the Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. He also piloted commercial aircraft for Southern, Republic and Northwest Airlines. McConnell was the first to discover a Boeing uninterruptible autopilot that could remotely take over or crash an airplane. His reporting to the Boeing, FAA and the Defense Department have been aggressively suppressed, yet McConnell continues to speak out boldly."

Dobbs, Gorka on Crooks Clinton and McCabe, Do-Nothings Sessions and Gowdy

Good Guy with Gun Opened Fire on MD High School Shooter, Ended Threat "But seriously, some kid in the middle of an active shooter situation thought it was more important to call CNN DURING the situation? AND they got on air already? My bullshit meter is off the charts right now.  

& THEN: “They’ve been instigating things,” Ms. Gonzalez added. “And then, when we reply, they, like, shy back away. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.” The pair didn’t expand on what the NRA allegedly did to constitute a threat.

meanwhile: The Parkland children screaming for gun control all while being funded by PP.

Facebook DOWN another 4% in first 2 hours of trading // Is FB a FRONT for Human Trafficking, Money Laundering and Securities FRAUD and why is ZUCK Shedding Shares?

& IN FRANCE: Saint Denis basilica