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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#Pedogate #Pedowood (16) Women usually head the rings, House Votes for 2nd Special Counsel To Probe Clinton, Obama, Comey & Lynch, Black Trannies

the Powerful #Pedos in Hollywood & the Music industry

(16) It's 100 percent true that organized rings provide victims. Women usually head the rings. They can recruit more easily.

"The woman – named only as Jane Doe #3 but said to be 30-year-old Virginia Roberts – says in court documents she was told to ‘give the prince whatever he demanded’ by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, the US billionaire paedophile who hosted the sordid parties. She claimed she and other underage girls were ‘procured for sexual activities’ by 
< Ghislaine Maxwell,
the socialite daughter of crooked tycoon Robert Maxwell.
Miss Maxwell is alleged to have facilitated the prince’s ‘abuse’ of the girl, after helping Epstein to convert her ‘into what is commonly referred to as a sex slave’." (via https://twitter.com/55true4u)

Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control & Her Handlers 

Brice Taylor & Ted Gunderson - MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed

Brice Taylor - Thanks for the memories - pg.233 "After the sexual encounter was completed, I was taken back to the room and ordered to put on my own clothes. Hypnotic commands were given to, "simply walk out and sit down with your family on the beach. You will not notice any lapse of time, but will resume interacting with your family normally and naturally." On this occasion, I was told to sit down next to Craig on my beach chair and it was as if I had never been gone! No one mentioned another word about it. The experiences were supposedly wiped away from all of our minds as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  Each time I was taken, there was similar trauma be fore they could "safely" use me and be able to insure that my programming and amnesia would remain locked up tightly. All of this for a Governor's or President's sexual perversions, or for the fulfillment of the New World Order agenda." (Suggested read pg.326)

Pedowood: The Hollywood Complex At The Heart Of A Celebrity Child Sex Ring

Arizona Child Removed from Loving Family and Placed into Foster Care Where She was Repeatedly Raped – then 80% of Body Burned

Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence 

General Kelly In 2014: Human Trafficking And Drug Cartels 'Most Concerning' Threat Facing U.S. "Human Trafficing?  Read: Underage sex slaves sold into a life of serving satanists -or dying there.
Pizzagate may be coming back in a big way. All the kurfuffel with Sessions may be a briliantly played smoke screen to cover up what is going on behind the scenes. Start thinking outside the box...
A source offered me this: The 975 US State Department officials booted out of Russia are devoted Leftist tools of the Elite. Putin now understands implicitly how the Elites are trying to start a war with Russia. After working with Trump, Putin boots these people and Trumps cans them a week or two after they get home. Bye bye problem creators.
What we see may be a mere smokescreen for what is really going on behind the scenes...." OCnStiggs Aug 1, 2017 5:10 PM

language alert: Tommy Sotomayor @ his best