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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

& THE GOOD NEWS: Google is not inevitable, just death.

Let Us Thank God for President Trump "I realize that all of us may not be Christians. For those who are not, please let us who are take a moment. President Trump is working to deliver us from the pedophiles and the war mongers. From the idol worshipers at the Bohemian Grove and the death cults of the Clintons and the Muslims. It is the sacred duty of all Christians to remove evil from society, and spread the fruit of the Spirit. It has become difficult in this age to perform this sacred task, so please do this: become a beacon for all to follow. Live a life that is sacred, virtuous, and righteous. Others will see your example."

Finally, for those who still haven't read it, Damore's full memo  "Many people don't use Google, and it takes less than a minute of searching on Google to forever free yourself from their clutches.  Duck Duck Go, StartPage are 2 simple search engines that do not track.  ProtonMail not only doesn't mine your content, you can encrypt end-to-end if you choose.  Open Office is an opensource office suite for home or business use, is even compatible with MS Office.  
And finally, if you're still using Google's version of faceberg you're probably too lazy/stupid/distinterested in helping yourself...Google is not inevitable, just death."