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Thursday, August 3, 2017

being played by some people on our side with an agenda, the irony of the word bioterrorism.

Bioterrorism Drill Featured Mass Vaccination at a Public School

" He could have fired Mueller Why? You think after 2 years of practically every single reporter in America, Germany, France, and England digging through the Trump leaf pile and not even finding a worm, with massive leaks in every department, there's a there, there that Mueller would magically find? A better scenario is Mueller publically stating Trump is clean as a whistle - which Dems won't be able to challenge since it's a Dem team saying it. And, it will throw the target right on Comey's forehead as a conspirator - along with a dozen or so Dems. Oopsie!

He could fire Rosenstein Now, that would have been a horrible political move. Talk about throwing the Dems red meat by the cartful. The correct approach was exactly the one taken - waiting it out until the crescendo of public pressure got to the point that the House Judiciary Committee demanded Rosenstein appoint a second counsel to investigate Comey, Inc., and recuse himself, which they have now demanded. Doesn't seem to be any Dems jumping around about that demand but they'd have been all over Trump like roaches.

Now we have McMaster who thinks Rice and Powers should be left untouched Now, you know that's not going to happen. As I posted previously, even if the letter is authentic, it only allows Rice access to documents she's initiated or signed, under a Historian clause - and only those documents that can't be 'compromised'. It doesn't excuse her actions. And I doubt it was a stand-alone letter - that is, there had to be a request predicating the letter - a request letter that the MSM won't reveal because it might just make the story a big fat non-story. The facts of unmasking that Nunes revealed are still very much in play.
getting rid of Trump loyalists. We don't know the whole story on them, do we? What we do know is Trump will never turn his back on Israel, and, Trump is 100% results-driven. No results - you're out. He doesn't do 'DC business as usual' and keep buddies around just because they're buddies with someone.

So does Trump see all this? Of course he does. He didn't become a billionaire by being oblivious. The man can see around corners. Checkers is a fast play, and it's what Washington is used to, but chess games can take months. Especially chess games that are targeted at fundamentally changing 'how Washington DC, the crony capital of the world, does business' - which is exactly what we sent Trump to Washington to do, right?

Keep the Faith, my FRiend. Deplorables are undefeatable"