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Monday, July 17, 2017

Prophecy, #PEDOS BUSTED & SENTENCED, JULIAN & The Family, a Somali Cop Named Moh, &,

“My beloved children, do not make the grave error of discounting the effect of your prayers, your humble prayers, on the divine wrath. Already my much-wounded heart has been appeased through your little offerings. How can I encourage you in this? How can I convince you that your efforts are having their effect? If I showed you what the world would look like without your prayers, you would be appalled. So, if your prayers seem to go unanswered, do not give up. It is only that I have applied your prayers to a higher purpose. Then offer me your disappointment, wrapped in the words: ‘Jesus I trust in you. Save souls!’ I tell you, even in your disappointment you will be filled with joy!” message from Jesus to Pelianito, 7/17/17

The ONLY way out of this mess is in the hands of Almighty God.

& a quick rundown on The Family: "when you hear "patients" think of small children that the intelligence community is conducting mind control experiments on before they pimp the kids out to politicians."

"...this is the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world that ties together all other conspiracies." 

July 2017: Member of International Child Exploitation Ring Sentenced | Group Included Fire Dept. Lieutenant, Town Clerk, Former Military/HS Coach 


Powerful Democrat BUSTED For Child Rape.

“Mohamed Noor, a 31-year-old officer from Somalia….” What could possibly go wrong?

meanwhile: "After Susan Rice was caught lying about the Obama administration’s alleged illegal wiretapping, Gowdy got exactly what he needed to move forward against Obama. The first step in that damning process against him is putting Rice under oath, which he’s reportedly planning on doing this week."

BOMBSHELL: Attorney Links Clinton Foundation To Mayo Clinic, Peter Smith

"... regarding the astonishing number of people who have mysteriously ended up dead — either through odd accidents or “suicide” — after becoming involved with or threatening to expose the alleged misdeeds of former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."