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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How stupid do "they" think the American people are?????!: MAGAnomics, Anthony Scaramucci isn't taking sht or salary, Skinny Repeal Traitors, SanitizedChildPorn, Wasserman-Shultz & the Awan Brothers, JonnyMac/Lisa M./SusanC.,

"... an image that says more about the priesthood than a thousand theology books ever could."

MAGAnomics – U.S. GDP Growth Doubles in Second Quarter 2017….

BREAKING: FBI Discovers Massive Dem Corruption Scandal, Top Dems Indicted

"At 1:45am on July 28th 2017, Republican Senator John McCain together with Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voted against the ObamaCare repeal in the Senate; ensuring the failing ObamaCare health care takeover and economic drag continues."

"First Mueller and now Steve Wasserman, who the HECK is running the Justice Dept????? George Soros????? How stupid do "they" think the American people are????? Time to CLEAN HOUSE.....!!!!!!!" Phil.Paula Stocks

The General Counsel for the FBI, James A. Baker, - is under investigation by the Justice Dept. for leaking classified national security information to the media

Unravelling The Awan Brother Crime Syndicate Pt. 2. 7/28/17

White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci won’t take a salary for his new job

He also blamed the reporter, Ryan Lizza, for reporting the conversation. "I made a mistake in trusting in a reporter," he added later. "It won't happen again."

& AGAIN W/F E E L I N G ! ! !