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Sunday, June 25, 2017

utenforskap - flagging the fall of Sweden, RamadanBombaThon Talley 2017 & no WH dinner for you!!, ,

"The media is more upset at Trump not going to Ramadan dinner than the 1500 victims of Islamic terror during Ramadan. Let that sink in."
— Jack Posobiec  June 26, 2017

final death count during the holy month of the religion of peace "The left and media are pissed off again. Not because of more BS anonymous sourced stories. But because Donald Trump is NOT hosting a end of Ramadan dinner at the White House like Hussein Obama did every year. Good for President Trump! Fuck your feelings if you are offended. It wasn’t just Obama who hosted Ramadan dinners though. Dubya Bush and rapist Bill Clinton also hosted end of Ramadan dinners, commonly called Eid Mubarak. Bush and Clinton sucked just like Obama."

O, ... the irony: "Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim, who now works against Muslim extremist groups, said he is “sick to death of well-meaning white liberals who don’t allow for me to speak out against my own community, my own religious heritage. And as a result, have listed me as an anti-Muslim extremist. So, I’m going to take them to court for defamation.” "

R.I.P. Sweden

Maxine Waters should be in a museum.

Whoopsie – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Accidentally Proves WaPo Russian Conspiracy Article is Baseless


"Does WaPo ever get to the part where they explain U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s need to unmask Trump officials in surveillance reports?  Nope.  Move along comrades, move along."

BREAKING: Gulf States Give Qatar List of Demands To Restore Diplomatic Relationships – All Demands Target The Muslim Brotherhood

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