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Monday, June 26, 2017

the Supremes & the Travel Ban, #PEDOGATE #RACEWARS …Then Suddenly Andrew Breitbart Died,

the only witnesses who were present when Andrew Breitbart died

“The Vast ‘Russia Collusion’ Election Conspiracy Theory”

Mad Maxine & her impeachment fantasy

meanwhile: IN CHICAGO

fidelssn68911 months ago "I am a Proud Afro-American Conservative Old School Christian, Libertarian, 20 year retired US Navy Submarine Sailor. I am sooooooo tired of other Black Folks constantly pointing fingers at White Folks like White Folks are the cause and solution to all our problems.

We elevate those who sold drugs to other Black Folks like Snoop Dogg, 50 cent and Notorious BIG. We celebrate selling out our Black Women on BET and the Violent Hate Filled Music Videos! Yet it is the White Man's Fault. 

Every Time I volunteer I am the only Black Man standing. We as Black Folks will not volunteer but will be the first ones to hold out hands out! We do not attend or participate in the electoral process. Ferguson, MO 60% Black and not one member on the City Council.....yet it is the White Man's Fault!

Until we assume responsibility in our own neighborhood with our own people and stop constantly looking to the White Man to solve our problems they will never get solved! Heck, White Folks got their own problems!"

 Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn.