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Sunday, June 18, 2017

the slow motion Deep State implosion: Blackmarket for White Babies, Guatemalan Trafficking, "I am not suicidal. If my body washes up somewhere, it was not a suicide.", The rabbit hole is deep & wide

John Podesta Under Active Investigation As Case Goes "Hot" "Hillary is well versed in the occult, and according to the man who hacked her - in a handwritten note from his prison cell - he warned the public that she is an occult high priestess, and that's what we were not supposed to know. But now we do know."

"It's all over but the cryin'. Personally I'm kind of going for the slow motion Deep State implosion now. I was impatient before but watching these psychotic ass clowns fk up on a daily basis is proving great entertainment."

DNC LAWSUIT ATTORNEYS FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES, CALL FOR COURT PROTECTION, CITING MULTIPLE SUSPICIOUS DEATHS "Beck cited three people who are no longer alive. Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., 37, was found dead at the end of May on a beach in Miami. He was working on the case."

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, Clinton State Department, Guatemalan Trafficking

This woman stole children from the poor to give to the rich

"After bringing this evidence to light, Bolkovac was successively demoted, threatened with bodily harm, fired, and ultimately forced to flee the country under cover of darkness—bringing the incriminating documents with her."

Viral Fake News Screenshot Montage

about Obama’s interference in the elections of other countries & how Obama got elected twice!: "Most Americans have no idea that President Obama meddled in elections all over the world. And apparently, the media decided there’s no reason for Americans to know about this illegal activity."

Alex Jones understands the limitations of the mainstream media. Megyn Kelly does not. She has now had a lesson from a master: "Basic questions keep drawing me back to the Sandy Hook conspiracy... - Why is there zero cellphone videos?
- Why is there zero surveillance video?
- Why is there only one picture of one group of children leaving the school available?
- Why were zero children transported to area hospitals?
- Why was the only ingress/egress immediately blocked completely by cars and ambulances?
- Why were there so many witnesses who were also listed as crisis and real actors?

Are we supposed to believe that a video of the shooter breaking into the school simply does not exist?
Compare that dearth of information to what is available on YT about Columbine.
The rabbit hole is deep and wide here."