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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Remembrances of D-Day, June 6, 1944 , the Leaker, Joke of the Russia Obsession, Hillary's ISIS dots & extreme Machiavellian egocentricity, &, UCLA's Social Justice Enforcers,

Remembrances of D-Day, June 6, 1944

US Senate in Unanimous Vote Celebrating Unified Jerusalem: Move the Embassy

United States considers withdrawing from UN Human Rights Council

“extreme Machiavellian egocentricity” & should be officially considered a psychopath ... & ... For those that do not see where the dots connect

another Obama rat: Leaker Reality Leigh Winner arrested & charged ,  "it’s a nothing burger story – why no subpoenas for Rice, Farkas, Clapper, Brennan etc etc etc? please…"
"The document is made to order to support the Russian government hacking election meme. And quickly catching this (bizarre) leaker moves attention from considering the legitimacy of the leaked document (is it a plant?) to the facts surrounding the pursuit and arrest of the leaker (the Wapo did a long detailed article on the path leading to her arrest. Who gave them all that information?). Also, is the leaker in jail? Or has she already been released? The entire story doesn’t pass the smell test." ,, "w/an authographed picture of Anderson Cooper. Hasn’t he admitted that he interned with the CIA? Operation Mockingbird?"

the Trump-Russia fake news Retreat

12/16/16: "Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly slammed President Obama for accusing Russia of “hacking the US election,” demanding he prove his allegations or quit making them."

The media is smearing President Trump to cover for the long time Democrat alliance with the Kremlin.

"It's 2017. I'm a black man. When i was younger i'd read about White people from, say, 1917 who wanted NOTHING to do with Black people in their lives. They didn't want black people in their schools or churches or offices or elsewhere. I remember reading about a famous White American mathematician who was so opposed to blacks in university that he'd straight up tell any black student that they would never get a good grade from him, ever. Then I'd read about sundown towns : towns that black people did not have the right to be found in after sundown. They risked being lynched. All of that sounded horrible. It made Whites seem like cruel monsters who just loved to inflict suffering on black people for "no good reason at all". 

Yet I've been learning about what black people actually do when in contact with Whites. The violence. The murders, the rapes, the robberies. The lowering of social trust. The elimination of standards. The waste of money. The way schools are changed into zoos. The way they're behaving in universities. The way they're in every media now telling White people to drop off the edge of the Earth.

 Slowly but surely I've come to understand why the Whites of 100 years ago excluded Black people from their society. I get it now. It's a very sad realization, but it makes sense. I'm afraid I will live to see the return of hardcore segregation. I'm afraid because I actually really enjoy living in European civilization and I get along very, very, very well with Europeans. But when the big backlash comes, who knows what will happen. 

But still, I understand why they thought that way back then. They weren't monsters. They were people who had probably learned lots of lessons and had decided to do something about the problem." - oguns iron @ YT

Ex-intel contractor sues Comey, alleging FBI covered up mass civil liberties violations

"Through out the last few weeks the couple has grown increasing anxious and made public claims that they fear for their safety. Things started to get bizarre when on June 1st the law firm's secretary received a strange call from someone using a voice altering device. The secretary immediately traced the number (305-936-5724) to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schult's address." 

Syrian Christians ask for prayer as they fight to claim Raqqa back from ISIS