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Saturday, June 3, 2017

DNC gone full mafia?, How Global Warming Scare Began, MSM state-controlled psyops, Soetoro grand theft $99,714,527.82, Dr. Jack Sava & Seth Rich, &, the exorcist of Padua

but first: that Financial Crash that no one is paying attention to

OK then: How the Global Warming Scare Began - the Real Story .................................. & in Sweden 

BREAKING: Dr. Jack Sava, Seth Rich's Attending Doctor at MedStar Hospital, Tied to Podesta Brothers in Wikileaks Emails

Screw them. No interview.

"...when CIA agents are outed, they are in potential danger, but apparently this does not concern the Times, since D'Andrea holds the wrong geopolitical views."

meanwhile: Bernie Supporters Suing DNC Receive Death Threats: May “Wash Up Dead on the Shore”

Has DNC gone full mafia?: Fed prosec Beranton Whisenant, 37, found dead in Miami 5 days ago. He happened to be investigating DNC voter fraud.  

Lovely, eh? Oh yeah, it’s like that.

via theresurgent

kids are being GROOMED to accept pedophilia: "And the individual who performed in drag was identified as the president of the Public School 96 Parent Association."

"It isn't rocket science: Wherever you find Pakistani/Bangladeshi muslims, you will find grooming and abuse."

the media: more than just FAKE NEWS, more than just "dishonest news," more than just 'incompetent news," a state-controlled psyops entity.

Communists in Washington, D.C., the FBI, and the Russia-gate Scandal

“The Obamas traveled to Italy last week hoping to steal the spotlight away from President Trump, who was there for his first foreign trip since taking office. After their European trip that strategically coincided with President Trump and the First Lady, the Obamas returned to the States with some bad news."

"three irrefutable points" about the existence of the devil.