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Monday, May 8, 2017

WTFU AMERICA: Obama Eligibility/Forgery & Drudge, Congrats to President Merkel & the Islamic Republic of France, Ukraine, Russia, TEXAS, Long Island & New Orleans

‘Until My Heart Stops Beating’

"Yes, a third of voters spoiled ballots. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. The globalists stole this election pure and simple. Reports across France said that many, many Le Pen voters were give torn ballots, ballots for Le Pen were thrown out by some counters ..." Susan

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton inserted herself into the discussion as well, describing Macron’s election as a win for “the world,”

FRANCE’S NEW PRESIDENT: A Useful Idiot Of Islamism Tells World “French culture does not exist”

WikiLeaks: Obama Hacked French Elections For Bisexual Buddy Macron

After 6 Deadly Islamic Attacks and 130 Deaths in 3 Years – Paris Votes 90% for Macron ... ???!

Ukrainian Ambassador in Minsk on upcoming Russia-Belarus military exercises: 'I don`t trust the Russians'.

Russian Plan For Syrian Cease-Fire May Put Hezbollah In the Golan

WTFU AMERICA: yesterday’s stolen French election was the dog whistle. It was a call to arms for the Left. And it had better be for us as well. (If you consider yourself in the Army of God, you have unique marching orders right now: For our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.)



stick your petulant thumb in your mouth, take your ball & go home.

will Matt Drudge ever report Tenth Circuit & U.S. Supreme Court cases of Judy v. Obama - Obama Eligibility/Forgery  ?

Texas Governor Just Gave ‘Sanctuary Sheriffs’ MAJOR Reason To PANIC

meanwhile, in Long Island: MS-13: Experts see a new and more deadly profile emerge