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Saturday, May 6, 2017

VENEZUELA IS STARVING: searching for bits of corn or bread free of maggots w/special thanks to Michael Moore, Sean Penn & Danny Glover

Maduro Dances While Venezuela Burns…Literally scroll down

Starving in the people's paradise of Venezuela

Now, to explain the actual cause of the food shortages.

these pirates are armed with rifles & machine guns. They wear masks & use small, fast boats ... If you resist, the pirates will kill you

meanwhile, The Nightmare Reality of the Communist Dream
& coming to America: Membership triples for the Democratic Socialists of America
ALSO COMING: the devastating Muslim persecution of the Christian community &, the “legitimate targets” of ISIS

"For some reason ankle-biters, antagonists, and crony constitutional punditry amid the various CONservative outlets, choose instead to focus their criticism toward the first president in our lifetime to actually deliver on conservative policy, conservative values and expressed policy objectives/outcomes that benefit all common sense Americans."

but these are the least of our problems:

It’s HAARP Time in Iran