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Monday, May 8, 2017

The Muh Russia Judiciary Hearing, &, The Ferguson Effect

"Holy Cats. This post is somewhat rushed because everyone needs to watch Sally Yates testify before congress, and there’s a very distinct possibility President Trump has just laid a trap to catch her."

"Wow from out of left field, Sen Cornyn questioning Yates why she did not support the travel ban." #54
"He shook her. That’s going to need to be watched several times there were conflicting answers" #56
"Setting her up for perjury later" #83


"Folks don’t forget the following today: The MSM will do everything to save Barry’s legacy but they know they can’t. Mick threw it in their face yesterday that Obamacare is dead. By the time our President signs the bill, there will be over 24,000,000+ without insurance. The reason being is what has already happened in Iowa and 24 counties in Virginia. Those folks have a card and nowhere to go with it. They can’t win the fight because Barry played his hand and LOST miserably. ..."

Black on white violence is rising: “The Ferguson Effect”

Media Finally Admits: Some Anti-Trump Protesters Are Paid

Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – May 8th Livestream