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Saturday, May 20, 2017

the 4chan boys, Dark Web, WTFdrudge, BBCshills, former resident zero cuts a big carbon emission, &, Conceptual penis

but 1st, Conceptual penis: ‘Penis Is a Social Construct’

A Look Inside The Chat Room The Deep State Uses To Fight Trump

Not a good idea to get the 4chan boys riled up.

4chan thread regarding Seth Rich, what he knew, who else knew, what the variation in polling places could be and possible drugging of him 

Paul Ryan working with Obama deep state to leak fake news

Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol: we’re working on disposing Trump

may GOD’S favor to fall on PRESIDENT TRUMP.

it's NOT investigative journalism. It's political propaganda.: Publishing parts of a document that you do not possess and cannot verify, and timing the release to cause maximum political damage (right after the president leaves the country) 

"Don't start with me!!!!" CNN anchor LOSES IT!!!

BBC HOST PANICS…Cuts Off Interview When Trump Pollster Brings Up Media Blatantly Ignoring Sale Of Uranium By Hillary To Russians

Ozero & mooch arrive in Tuscany on a private plane escorted by 6 fighter jets & a 13-car motorcade for 5 days in a $15k-a-night private villa: "Conveniently timed to coincide with The President Trump's arrival in Saudi Arabia. Completely narcissistic as usual." AndTheWinnerIs

"i've noticed drudge report has become a deep state tool for all their anti-trump fake headlines. there were 20 or so on his site yesterday alone."