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Monday, May 1, 2017

it's the UniParty not President Trump!, N.Korea, May Day in Paris, &, FOX Bangs a Hard Left

when all resources & justices on earth are exhausted, 
only An Appeal to Heaven remains.

I come to reveal the great secrets of the Age of Mary and the will of the heavenly Father to exalt her Immaculate Heart. The Age of Mary is not just a figure of speech but a profound reality of the Kingdom of God, an unveiling of a new moment in the history of the Father with mankind. This moment has been deliberately delayed until this hour when mankind hurtles to self-destruction and only the Father’s hand can rescue earth.

"The globalist establishment’s Deep State apparatus embedded inside what appears to be the Federal Government and free press will continue to undermine, thwart and attempt to defeat Trump and the America First movement. Victory is ours, but only if we never let up. We are at WAR" Liberty's Thunder @ letters from the gulag

 The “Big Club” is fighting back against the insurgent presidency of Donald Trump and is using the Republican wing of the UniParty to do it.

Part V – Trump Policy Building Toward Crescendo on Multiple, Simultaneous Fronts

"We will not negotiate our way back to the negotiating table with North Korea. We will not reward their violations of past resolutions. We will not reward their bad behavior with talks. We will only engage in talks with North Korea when they exhibit a good-faith commitment to abiding by the Security Council resolutions and their past promises to end their nuclear programs." Secretary Rex Tillerson Closing Remarks to U.N. Security Council Session on North Korea

DC media strategy of narrative building: "Media reports on media reports, of media reports, and the concentric circles of irrelevance expand into the infinite horizon of nothingness..."

"....a concerted effort by leftist groups with murky ties to international financial backing to attack those media personalities who either supported Donald Trump during Trump’s remarkable march to the White House, or refused to repeatedly attack him as the vast majority of the Establishment Media did throughout the 2016 election cycle."

FOX News Co-Founder Just RESIGNED

 Job Growth In 1st 100 Days biggest Boom Since FDR

Illegal Immigration Down by Unprecedented 73%

& in France: “We hate racism but we’re okay with burning cops alive for blocking our marches because we are the tolerant progressive left” Lauro Andrea@ Milo