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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Don John Drops Another MOAB: Kicked in The Balls, Facebook is the enemy, rescued in Raqqa, Truth oabout Cancer, Microsoft's digital/biological diseases, &, K-9 Officer Kasper took a gunfire bullet

this hilarious understatement concerning the $500 trillion monster.

“Ohhh, they’re never gonna put that on television.”

@5:55 Melania

Facebook is the enemy. 
*UPDATE* – President Trump Drops Another MOAB – Media Missing Sally Yates and James Comey Timeline "Ain’t it a kick in the groin that the so-called “justice department” was the center of this? All of them Obama appointments. All of them Hillary supporters. Prison for everyone of them." Bob Thoms

15 thousand civilians rescued in Raqqa operation in three days 

Two Simple Kitchen Cancer Treatments Used Successfully to Beat Cancer
& THIS LITTLE JEWEL: Ebola Outbreak: Russia Accuse Bill Gates Of Infecting Congolese Villagers