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Saturday, April 29, 2017

the swamp is to be drained in September, after it is fully analyzed for an effective killing, Bill Nye's Vajayjay sexjunk song, &, Caracas & Rio

Part IV – 2016 Prescient DC Lobbyists Talk Trump: “the end of life as we know it here”…

How has Trump really done?

1. Exploring offshore energy prospects - This executive order has opened the door for more oil exploration and American energy independence.

2. Protecting whistleblowers at the VA - this executive order makes it easier for vets to blow the whistle on the VA health system, which has really gone downhill.

3. Steel and aluminum dumping - This Presidential memoranda protects American steel and aluminum producers from being hurt by foreign entities that use government subsidies to sell steel and aluminum for less than the cost of production.

4. Reviewing the federal governments power in education: This executive order removes some, but not all, of the federal government's role in education. It does not kill the department of education.

5. Agricultural and rurla prosperity - This executive order removes a lot of regulations that are making farming difficult for ordinary farmers.

6. National volunteer week - This presidential proclamation is to officially recognize volunteers.

7. Review tax regulations - This executive order simplifies the tax code and limits how nasty the IRS can be.

8. Dodd-Frank act rollback - This presidential memoranda seeks to limit the application of the Dood-Frank act, which was enacted after the banker bailout to prevent such a crash from happening again. However, if the bankers do blow things up, they won't be bailed out again.

9. Buy American, Hire Amercian - This executive order seeks to restrict how many foreigners American companies can hire, and encourage the purchase of American products.

10. National Park week - This presidential proclamation makes all national parks free for the public to enter for one week out of the year.

11. Delegating terrorist report request - This presidential memorandum leaves it up to Comey to track suspected terrorists.

12. Notifying Congress of the U.S. strike on Syria - This presidential memorandum simply notified Congress it happened.

13. Principles for reforming the draft - This presidential memorandum expands the draft to women.

14. Lowering the trade deficit and imposing tariffs - This executive order directs the executive branch to find out what nations are competing the least fairly, and impose tariffs accordingly.

15. Changing the DOJ order of succession - This executive order replaced Obama's order of succession for who would fill positions at the Department of Justice.

16. Combating the opioid crisis - This executive order creates a commission to create strategies to combat America's drug problem.

17. Dismantling Obama's climate change protections - This executive order reduces the EPA burdens on the energy and manufacturing sectors and makes mining and drilling easier by removing red tape.

18. Revoking Obama's fair pay and save workplaces orders - This executive order removes the requirement for government contractor companies to have a perfect fair labor record.

19. Establishing white house office for American innovation - This presidential memorandum is to overhaul government functions with ideas for industry, and KUSHNER IS LEADING IT. Cool.

20. Greek independence day - This presidential proclamation officially recognizes the date of Greek independence.

21. Declaring an emergency in South Sudan - This presidential memoranda extends the humanitarian famine emergency in Sudan that Obama put in place.

22. Delegating to Tillerson - This presidential memorandum delegates presidential powers in the National Defense Authorization Act to Rex Tillerson, who will now decide who gets to spend what.

23. National Poison Prevention Week - This presidential proclamation simply encourages Americans to safeguard their homes and keep their kids away from common household items that could poison them.

24 - Reorganizing the executive branch - This executive order is to find out what agencies and people in the government can be disbanded, and has to be submitted by September of 2017, after which heads will probably roll.

25 - National consumer protection week - This presidential proclamation encourages people to report online scams.

26. - A new travel ban - This executive order was an attempt to put in place a new travel ban.

27 - Guide for agencies to implement the new travel ban - This presidential memorandum instructed agencies on how to implement the new travel ban.

28 - Reviewing the waters of the United States rule - This executive order is to undo the EPA's clean water rule, and get the EPA out of the lives of private property owners.

29 - Enforcing regulatory reform - This executive order instructs agencies to get rid of environmental regulations that are not needed, cost people too much, or are outdated.

30 - Combating criminal organizations - This executive order makes it easier to deport illegals who are criminals.

31 - Reducing crime - This executive order was drafted to comprehensively address illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime.

32. - protecting law enforcement - this executive order increases penalties for crimes committed against police officers.

33. Reviewing wall street regulations - This executive order de-regulates Wall street, and lets them behave more recklessly WHILE NOT ALLOWING ANY TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUTS. So if they blow things up, it's on them.
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