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Friday, April 21, 2017

Berkeley: Stun Grenades & Munitions Never Lie, Extreme Space Weather Event, #PizzaGate #PedoGate Arrests, #FakeNews pushing Arrest Assange Narrative,

A GIANT fissure has opened across the Sun and is spewing rapid solar winds toward our planet.

consensual telepathy, microfabrication engineering, &, a new class of biological probes


the Marxist, Soros funded events: "This is a well presented and easy to understand video which appears to make a solid case that police munitions were fired by the Berkeley Police Department against Trump supporters, and in support of AntiFA thugs, last weekend."

Confirmed: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Publicly Supports Violent Left-Wing ANTIFA Group

& IN VENEZUELA: Streets are full of military.

Egypt Releases American Aide Worker After President Trump Request… "President al-Sisi has love and admiration for our President! When the cameras were rolling in the oval office and on Bret Baier’s show, President al-Sisi referred to our President as “Your Excellency”. It brought tears to my eyes because al-Sisi had to deal with Obozo and his administration that hated and despised him for taking out Morsi and the MB."

#FakeNews from The Old Gray Hag

& what else can you expect from a company whose address is POBox666

"Unless Podesta himself is arrested, then Pedogate hasn't been cracked"