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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Redpilled As F**k: Dutch Election 2017 - Live Coverage, psychotic left needs professional help, Russian ships near U.S. waters, The Lady Michelle Vessel DeadInTheWater, battery-operated headphones EXPLODE!, &, the Boo-Hoo bandwagon!

rational people being shamed into shutting up.

Who would let Maddow torture viewers with her usual 15-minute monologue and have no payoff at the end of the ordeal?

&, "BOTTOM LINE: America does not need Obamacare. America does not need "Trump Care". What America needs is a nice clean flush of all the parasites that rape people, just because people encounter difficult situations. Today's American doctor is worse than the worst scamming mechanic, charging $2,000 to tighten a screw. With a car there is a limit to how much a scamming mechanic can get away with. With people's lives, the sky is the limit, and medical parasites therefore abound because the laws in America do nothing to stop them." via JSFJ

Russian spy ship returns off U.S. coast, near sub base

battery-operated headphones: "They were sparking and had small amounts of fire."