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Monday, March 27, 2017

#MAGA Moving Right Along in post-Obama America, #Climategate Update , Imploding Fraud, #FakeNews #Podesta

How is this not the biggest story in America right now?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Action To Strip DOJ Funding To Sanctuary Cities
> "Where did this story go? ........ Down the rabbit hole? ..... Or up James 'Slippery Jim' Comey's ass? Jeff, Jeff, are you in there? ...... What are you and Slippery doing with the NYPD case? ........ Don't tell me the NYC cops couldn't build a proper case with all that evidence and blew it. ....... Jeff? ...... Mr. Sessions! Mr. Sessions HELLOOOOOoo! .. Anyone home? It appears as if no one is home at DoJ." DuneCreature Mar 23, 2017 11:39 AM

.......... any ??s & BOOM! "At the time, this seemed overly charitable to me. But as the decades have elapsed and I’ve watched progressives consistently acting so infantile, it is clear that their limited repertoire––hurling of insults and obscenities, public temper tantrums, wanton destruction of property, idle threats to leave the country, physical assaults on people who disagree with them, engaging in serial lies of increasing magnitude and pepper spraying mothers and children marching in support of President Trump––dictates that they are indeed more to be pitied than scorned. After all, all of their sound and fury has resulted in––drum roll here––nothing!"

this is NOT satire: Quinn's Call to Action for the Men of Antifa

"You would think with the media being under a microscope right now this fake news crap would stop." Homer J. Simpson @ MILO

Fakenews Identification 101

Climategate Update: Judicial Watch Sues for Records between Key Obama Administration Scientists Involved In Global Warming Controversies

newly-leaked info: "Not only did #Podesta fail to disclose his collusion with the Russian government, but was intricately involved with three top-ranking banking officials, where the company in question received a whopping $35 million from the Russian government."

"Sean, I don't know how you do it. Practically the whole room are a bunch of partisan, delusional, raging, indoctrinated, looney liberals. Who don't listen to a word you say. I would beat the shit out of all of them!" ZK0617