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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#VAULT7 , London Attack, #PedoGate ,&, the ultimate in #FakeNews - "why would the DNC NOT allow the FBI to look @ the servers??!"

'By Putting Our Trust in God, We Will Rise to This Occasion' President Trump

Tommy Robinson Rips Liberal Reporter At Scene Of London Attack
"I'm suspecting, a false flag to stop BREXIT. PM May scheduled the invocation of Article 50 until the end of March, the 29th. (Presumably a final decision being made before or at that date). - With all preliminary intelligence out: Absolutely no sign of this being a "muslim terrorist". No signs anywhere about the infamous false flag patsies'"Allah akbar" exclamation." anon@JSFJ
"Assault on Parliament. The attack was not in a high-density population area, unlike the two truck attacks in France and Germany. The muslim terrorist narrative, with this, is "differentially" dismissed. - Still, some collateral damage incorporated with the false flag for the obvious severity degree. Adding up all this, with ONLY a few days to go before the final BREXIT conclusion? Brittons, brace yourself. You're not going to have a BREXIT.And more: - Occult references here: Yet again, on a 3/22 : 322 - "Skulls and Bones" (Yale)." anon@JSFJ


British Prime Minister Theresa May Delivers Remarks on Westminster Terrorist Attack…


crowdstrike @9:20 "why would the DNC NOT allow the FBI to look @ the servers??!"

"Welcome to the future of lunatics, heretics & sick pedophiles."

Satanic Season of Sacrifice Starts Tomorrow: Can we find some kind of Satanic Ritual Calendar so we can correlate spikes in missing children?

Some of the facts that Abedin, Clinton and the FBI apparently intentionally squelched include:

& the Good News