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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

for Musicians & the RedPilled: 440 Hz vs 432 Hz the demonic actions of a shadow government

The 432 Musical Grid

"... The end result of the Pythagoras Tuning system is built on 432Hz also know as the 4th octave “A” on the piano.

Recently, astronomers at Stanford University found the fundamental frequency of our sun to be 144 Hz. The 2nd Overtone of 3rd Harmonic of this fundamental pitch is 432Hz.

So you can begin to see that the musical notes are inexplicably linked to to astronomy as that is what determined the increment of time that we use measure frequency or pitch. We can be pretty sure Pythagoras didn’t have the ability to measure the frequency of the sun, yet he came up with the correct core frequency for tuning because it is paralleled across so many things.

Below is the resulting grid that Pythagoras used to create all the musical notes we have used since. Some have referred to this as the “Factor 9” grid since each number on the chart is an increment of 9. This is the mathematical grid that all music was based on from Pythagoras’ time until the 1930’s when it was maliciously changed to a grid built on 440 Hz. .... "

The great controversy

" ... One of the things that lead me to discover all this stuff about 432 Hz was coming across an article about how the tuning was changed in the 1930’s to 440 Hz. Very little explanation as to why that particular pitch was chosen as a world standard, but the simple fact that this new musical scale no longer contains a single note found in the chart (making virtually everything I’ve written so far pointless) could only be the demonic actions of a shadow government...."

Cymatics experiment tonoscope 432-440Hz