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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

except for the Crown & the Torch: #PizzaGate #Vault7 ,Ryan's RINOCare, Pastor Manning's Warning 2009

WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Password Is A Nod to Anti-CIA JFK Quote

"WHITE FOLK GETTIN' READY TO RISE UP!! You all gonna push these White folk till they can't take it no more-I'm tellin'ya!! WHITE FOLK ARE READY TO RIOT" Pastor David James Manning Aug 4, 2009

Pitzer College RA tells white people not to wear hoop earrings

them that have eyes: A portion of Lady Liberty mysteriously went dark save for the iconic colossal's torch and crown on Tuesday night.
All the lights turned back on just after midnight.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally introduced his proposed replacement for ObamaCare late Monday. It did not go well.

Trump Gives Lawmakers Ultimatum On Obamacare Repeal

Mayor of Vermont Town Ousted After Secret Efforts to Resettle Refugees

NSA Whistleblower Backs Trump Up on Wiretap Claims

WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Password Is A Nod to Anti-CIA JFK Quote

There’s just one little problem: "Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted several times, both before and after the election, that some form of surveillance of the Trump campaign was ongoing, and that the intelligence community had told him this as fact."

via JSFJ * Despite boycotts, Ivanka's clothing line sales are up 346 percent * Marine LePenn says no dual citizens can vote or hold public office, including Israelis * New Yorkers to Hillary Clinton: No thanks! * Even the Homeland Security chief is saying Obama ordered wire taps * Cia MI5 turned Samsung TV's into spying devices Even when switched off * CIA steals malware from Russia and uses it to frame Russia while the CIA Does its dirty work