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Thursday, February 16, 2017

URGENT for #PRAYERWARRIORS ~ Shadow Government Coup & Oroville Dam Update

there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the transcripts of of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak," current U.S Intelligence official agreeing with the FBI told NPR

"Trump just RED PILLED the ENTIRE nation."
"The President has chosen Alexander Acosta as his Labor Sec pick. The left will now educate you on how he's not a real Hispanic." Sean Spicier

"I am a retired Army Officer. Trump MUST strike before the opposition can get more organized and come after another target. He MUST pull every security clearance of every Obama hire, from top to janitor. He MUST do that immediately and then tell them to be out of the building by the end of the week. If they are civil servants who threaten to sue, tell them to read up on PATCO and go right ahead and sue. If Trump drags his feet on this, if he is not decisive on this, they will destroy him as sure as anything. Do it Mr President!!! Do it NOW!!!" Uncle Sam 911

Trump must go full bore PURGE on soetoro's shadow government

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ MANDATORY - the #AltLeft Propaganda media

"The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught!"  Don John "Chaffetz also said the Oversight Committee won't probe the circumstances surrounding Flynn."

the Soros Shadow Government

Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Radicals at Alinsky Camps to Sabotage Trump

"Trump knows he has to remove the old fool Republicans from power. After Priebus discredits himself and thus taints every appointee that comes from him, there will come the break with Establishment and then they will be sidelined. When Priebus is fired, the old GOP is fired.
It had to be done this way to bring people along. It's how you unify support of people who were nominally Republican but who are misinformed about the loyalty of the old guard. The old politicians and their cabal have to discredit themselves before Trump can unify people in a new Republican party.
Once he wins that fight, it's possible to open a wider front against the enemy. Cultural Leftists will be swept away by their own stupidity." PoasterToaster Feb 16, 2017 12:32 PM

"All I can tell you is Judge Gorsuch is going to be confirmed." McConnell, R-Ky.