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Saturday, February 11, 2017

URGENT ALERT - Oroville Dam's emergency: Spillway Aerial footage from Oroville Dam 2-10-17

"It might be prevented. At the same time the spillway is causing massive erosion and if it gets bad enough they will have to quit using it because the hole will be too close to the dam. Since they can't use the power plant right now, at that time they would have to use the emergency spillway. More storms next week, plus massive runoff from the snow melt. This could get really ugly." Common Sense Mrs Little • a day ago

"The emergency spillway is a concrete wall that simply drops the water onto the mountainside. If it works without ripping the mountain back, that's great, but there is significant reason to believe it won't go so well.

All the maintenance paperwork was submitted for the main spillway, and all of it shows the spillway was in perfect condition. The spillway gets regular inspection, and all reports said it was in perfect shape. I still say the most probable scenario was that it was intentionally sabotaged or bombed. If they can produce the paperwork to show it was in perfect condition, and all the photos out there indicate that, then what else is there to conclude?

They have a serious problem - the erosion is so extreme now that they had to reduce flows over the main spillway because it was going to eat the mountain all the way back to the power lines (these are in the pictures, they are the super huge ones) and make the power lines fall. The original breach was nowhere near those power lines, but running the destroyed spillway caused the water to eat the mountain back so far they were worried about the power lines falling. That is hundreds of feet of erosion."


"Maybe not if they accept the complete death of the normal spillway.
UPDATE: They are going to just open up the damaged spillway and let it rip. That would be a good move as far as I see it, because it will put the worst erosion more than a thousand feet away from the top, rather than risk whatever happens if they use the overflow and put the erosion right at the top.

New damage proves probable doom
This photo to the left shows the damaged after they did a small release to see how the damage would progress if they tried to use the spillway. As you can see, it is total doom, because it is working its way up the dam rather than down it. The next photo down is making the rounds, claiming it was a maintenance issue. Though that might be possible, I still think it is improbable and that what has happened is the result of sabotage.

This doom photo to the left here shows it has progressed up the dam to where the maintenance trucks are in the photo below. The trucks in the maintenance photo could have been there for any reason. And IF they are at the point of the original failure (that is hard to determine but I don't think so) all it proves is that the democrats who have been destroying California for decades now chose to neglect things rather than repair them, and it is still their fault. This happened after Arnold was out, but I don't think he'd have done anything either because he's a worthless pocket stuffer as bad as any democrat.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump's America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

Improbable explanation photo for dam failure making the rounds
I seriously doubt it!
There is a 2013 photo of maintenance crews with their trucks on the spillway making the rounds, and the claim is that they knew the dam had a problem and did nothing. I doubt it. Obviously if they can just drive their trucks on the spillway this is normal maintenance and from what I can find of this photo, the trucks are not even where the failure actually happened, they are higher up on the spillway. The photo is cropped in a way that makes it impossible with the different perspectives to see where the trucks actually are on the dam.

You can't just take a random photo and then make a claim like this, but this will probably still go viral. My take is that this dam was sabotaged by communists in California's government to cause the current problem, and maintenance had nothing to do with it. And if I am wrong about that, it was still Communists anyway, who probably made a stupid environmental excuse for doing nothing while they stuffed their paychecks with the money that should have gone to maintenance because they hated America and wanted it to fail. I doubt it, but if it was maintenance related the story would be that.

And lots of people I can only call idiots are saying the dam failed because it was old. That's a load of BUNK, this type of infrastructure is designed to last 500 years or more, this dam was NEW. Mexico is absolutely loaded with dams that were built at the time of Cortez and age has not made a difference, they are fine. Their biggest problem is reduced capacity due to sedimentation."

1:55 a.m: "A gaping hole in the spillway for the tallest dam in the United States has grown and California authorities said they expect it will continue eroding as water washes over it but the Oroville Dam and the public are safe."
"Workers also are evacuating 1 million eggs of steelhead trout. The hatchery produces almost a third of California’s hatchery-raised fish and helps supports struggling native fish species and a $4 billion state salmon industry."
2:05 p.m.
"California workers are scrambling for a second day to rescue millions of baby native salmon from a hatchery that has being buried in mud from a crumbling spillway upstream.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan says rescuers on Friday were trying to scoop up 4 million tiny young Chinook salmon by hand. The partial collapse of the spillway at the Lake Oroville dam is sending blankets of dirt and debris into the hatchery. State workers on Thursday rescued another 4 million salmon from the hatchery. The young fish are being evacuated by tanker trucks to a holding area far away from the spillway.

Hughan says the hatchery is in full rescue mode and has called in every available person and vehicle.

Workers also are evacuating 1 million eggs of steelhead trout. The hatchery produces almost a third of California's hatchery-raised fish and helps supports struggling native fish species and a $4 billion state salmon industry."

Oroville Dam's emergency spillway may be used to handle California runoff

Water begins to spill over Oroville emergency spillway

St. Charles Parish Pipeline Explosion

Nevada Dam That Broke Passed June Inspection

"Saint Bernadette’s body was exhumed no less than three times: the first time in 1909, then again in 1919 and finally in 1925."

"..... I heard a noise as if a sudden wind blew. I turned my head and looked at the meadow and I saw that the trees were still. I went on taking off my stockings and again I heard the same sound, and as I lifted up my head to look at the Grotto, I saw a Lady in white"