........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD ~ FEBRUARY 2011, 2012, 2013, &, 2014 ★ Jerusalem ... Only its soil contains Jesus’ precious blood. Israel is Satan’s target. O Woman clothed with the sun, come & do not delay ★


'America, you belong to me, 
the child of my heart. 
 No one will steal you from me.'

February 11, 2011
5. The Holy Spirit & the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Why does the heavenly Father want to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart? Only in this way can there be an Age of the Spirit.

The easiest way to understand the Holy Spirit is through my Immaculate Heart. My Heart is is the way of entering the Age of the Spirit. This will not be a final Age but will prepare for the Second Coming.

February 18, 2011
6. The Problem of Russia

The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils.

February 18, 2011
7. The Demonstrations in the Street

The media covers the rioting of the people on the streets but the people with real power are not on the streets. They are in hiding. The real evil lies not in the demonstrations that all can see, but in the evil which no one can see. They are like bombs planted to go off. When they explode, they will not hit the center, Israel. I know the timetable of darkness. When they do hit the center (Israel) my plan for the Holy Father will be ready to be implanted.

February 21, 2011
8. The Earth Tilts Towards Evil

Everything is tilting towards evil and darkness. This has been going on for some time but there is no longer any balance. All has shifted and there will be a quickening of events. All will culminate in the events that I will describe.

At this point, no one can quell the uprisings. They are fires that will continue until all the wood is consumed. Then, like any fire, they will burn themselves out. However, Satan never intended these fires to accomplish his final goal, the destruction of Israel. The purpose of these fires was to weaken all the protection, all the buffers around Israel. This is what is happening but this is not meant to be Satan’s final attack.


The Fears of the Young
February 15, 2012

“Do not be afraid”. These are my words to the young. You face so many challenges, especially a world whose future is quite in jeopardy. You are caught up in tidal waves of uncertainty. You seek for answers. You ask, “Is anything secure?” That is why I speak.

You are the least religious generation in the history of America. I do not say this to reprimand you. I say it to enlighten you. You have been robbed of your religious heritage and have been nourished only on secular food.

For other generations, the presence of heaven and the importance of a life with God were taught by the adult world. Now this adult world, for its own gain and profit, has stolen God, heaven, eternal life, the presence of Jesus and my presence from you. We have all been erased, as if we do not exist and can offer you no help.

When I say, “Do not be afraid”, I must always add, “because I am with you”. This is my message. Ahead of you are gigantic problems. You will face in your lifetime more trials than any previous generation. These trials will bring about overwhelming fears and fear will become your biggest problem. It will paralyze you at the very moment when you will need to take action, daily actions over a long period of time. Survival will demand extraordinary hope. However, fear kills hope. That will be the battle, between fear and hope. One kills the other. So, when I say “Do not be afraid”, I am giving hope a chance to save you.

O young reader, I see you and your generation. I see all the events that are ahead. You will not survive without me. Now is the time to come to know me and to experience my help in your daily trials. If you do this, when the greater trials come, hope will triumph over your fears. I say again, “Do not be afraid”.

Comment: The young generation has so many years to live. Who can even grasp the world they will face and the fears they will experience?

To the Young – Awaken Your Spiritual Desires
February 16, 2012

There is no turning back. Once human life begins, it will continue forever. This is the greatest mystery – the immortality of the soul. There is also no turning back in human existence. The child becomes the adolescent who becomes the young adult. Nature moves ahead and does not allow the human person to turn back.

Yet, for many young adults, the situation is not a hopeful one and they begin to question their own existence. The problem is this. Earth can only give you earthly goals but your soul is immortal. Your soul reaches out to heaven. Your spirit wants to soar but you have never been told how to rise above the clouds or even that you should seek the riches of heaven. O, my young generation, how the world has robbed you and stolen from you. However, I come to restore these riches. Let me begin.

Within you is an eternal spirit, created directly by the eternal Father who decided that you would exist. He created you in his likeness (for you are his child) and he created you to live in total happiness forever. What a blessing! Inside you are spiritual desires which seek what is beyond all that you can see and experience with your bodies. But the culture you live in exalts the body and tells you that you only have bodily desires. This is a lie. If you satisfy only the body, you will lose all hope because your spirit realizes that there is more but it is a reality beyond your body.

I come to stir up your spiritual desires. They will lead you to my Son, Jesus Christ. I conceived him and gave him birth. He is very near you and you can experience his presence. Begin your search for him. This will stir up your spiritual desires. When your spiritual desires are covered over, you experience a weariness with life. This happens to so many. Do not turn back on your spiritual journey.

Comment:  O reader, your spiritual desires must propel you on to a spiritual search.

Heaven’s Fire comes to Earth
February 17, 2012

Not much is known about the working of heaven, so I will pull back the veil for all to see. In the heavenly Father’s heart, there is a furnace of love which created the world and created you. Wanting to reveal His love, he sent His Son, who is a perfect image of the Father. My Son’s heart, also, is filled with love for you. But even this was not enough. The Father created my heart, and filled it with love. He, then, took the fire of love, the Holy Spirit, and sent that fire into your heart at the moment of your Baptism.

Thus, all the heavens and all the earth is filled with the fire of God’s love. This is why I speak. The eternal fire which gives eternal life is easily available to you. But what if you find other loves and fill your heart with these loves? Then, you have no room for the heavenly fire.

What must you do? If you have filled your heart with illicit loves, you must only repent and say, “I will remove this illicit fire from my heart so I can receive the heavenly fire”. This repentance is not that difficult. The first step is the hardest, and when you take it your whole life will be different.

Especially, I speak to the young reader. Your life stretches before you. Do not wait. Do not say, “I will always have time later”. You will be wasting these years. God has a task for you, a work to accomplish. You will have a family and you must want them also to have eternal life. Your whole life and your whole eternity hang right now in the balance. Listen to my words and seek the heavenly fire of grace that the Father has made so available through Jesus and myself. I will help you.

Comment: God is life and he has given us this life in Jesus through Mary.  Mary warns you not to turn away from the gift.

258. A Marian Papacy
Feb 18th, 2012

Who is able to understand?  Who correctly sees all the forces that are about to clash?  Who can predict the outcome when so much is unknown?  Man faces a very uncertain future and he does not have within his hands those powers needed to control what will happen.

No Longer on the Sidelines

I stand on the sidelines, willing and able to moderate the conflicts and to bring peace, but no one asks.  No one seeks my help.  So, I initiate these messages.  I refuse to stand on the sidelines.  I refuse to watch passively while Satan destroys the earth and kills my children.  I will insert myself into the fray.  I will choose my doors into the arena.  I will not be kept away from the combat.

Did I not stand at the foot of the cross?  Was I not present when that great battle between light and darkness, between heaven and hell, took place?  I was not the main combatant.  Jesus, my Son, was the great warrior, but I stood at his side as he led the army of heaven into victory.

A Pope Son

So, I will stand at the side of another son, a human son, whom I will lift up to the papacy.  No one will doubt who it is.  I will not let him stay in the shadows (even though at present he is covered with the greatest of shadows and is hidden in my heart).  I will bring him forth for all to see.  He will acknowledge completely that I alone have lifted him up to the papacy.  I will put my seal upon him.  He will act only in my name.  He will have a Marian papacy, rooted totally in my promises, especially in the words that I spoke at Fatima.  With this pope, the Age of Mary will come to its total height and will forever be upon the lampstand until the end of time.

Hidden But Promised

When this is accomplished, all the light and power which I have placed in the hearts of many come to fulfillment.  When I fulfill this promise, those who have pushed aside my devotions will see their foolishness.  I say to all, “Pray for this pope son of mine.  He is hidden deeply in my heart because I want nothing to harm him.  Pray that all the startling events take place so that he is raised aloft.  In him the nations will rejoice”.

Comment: Mary makes many promises but this one is so clear.  All will know when it is fulfilled.


Future Events (February 15 to February 18, 2013) 
February 15, 2013
A Long Process

The events will be guided by my hands. There will be a series of decisions that will move along the right path, all going toward the goal. People are in place whom I can easily stir into action so that my interests are safeguarded and all comes to its proper conclusion. This will not be a short process, or one that will be completed quickly. The cardinals will go back and forth, looking at many possible candidates. In all of this, I will be guiding them by my inner light, attracting them to some candidates and leading them away from others. All they need to do is to be led by my Spirit. Sufficient numbers will follow the Spirit so the purpose of the conclave is fulfilled.

Mary’s Moment of Joy

The time is fruitful, like a woman about to give birth. That is exactly what will happen. I will bring into the daylight the one whom I have kept so hidden, always nourishing him and providing a place of life. Now is the time for him to come forth.

I rejoice. I truly rejoice in all of these events. They are brought about by the Spirit of God and they will be completed as the Spirit continually breathes upon the whole Church. Yes, the whole Church must share deeply in these events because your mother is about to bring forth the pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. It can no longer be delayed.

February 16, 2013
The War Has Begun

I take the time to explain each part in great detail so the whole picture will be clear. The resignation of Pope Benedict is the beginning of the great war. It is now the hour of conflict when the armies of Satan rise up to destroy the Church. However, this resignation was a surprise, the Woman Clothed With the Sun took the initiative. Seeing all that is to come, she began the war. This surprise move has shifted everything. Now, Satan must adjust to the reality of the new pope who sees so clearly that this is the Age of Mary. The new pope will usher in this Age of Mary. He will take all the steps. He will not be deterred by any obstacle. He places no trust in his own powers and knows that the world can only be saved through the intervention of my Mother. He sees clearly what must be done and will not waste any time, in taking all the steps.

A Pope Fashioned By Mary

I have fashioned this new pope with my own hands. Our spirits are as one, joined together by the Spirit of God. He understands my plans and listens to my words. He walks with me. I have shown him my secrets and shared with him my plans. All that he does is guided by me. He takes no step without invoking my name.
How I have kept him, like none other, always preparing him for the moment when I say to the world, “This is my pope, fashioned by my hands. He will be a light to the nations and the glory of my people, Israel”. None will defeat him, even though he has no power. None will destroy him, even though the fires of hell have already tried to do that. He is mine, hidden for so many, many years in my heart and now about to be revealed to the whole world.

February 17, 2013
Moving Up the Timetable

Keep your eyes open. See all the world events that suddenly will begin to happen. These are a response to the Holy Father’s announcement. The war has begun. The first shot has been fired.

I did not wait for Satan to act. I would not give him the chance to decide the timetable. I led the Pope to take this extraordinary action because I wanted to decide the time and the setting. Now the shot has been fired. It is a shot of faith, of belief that the Spirit will guide the Church.
Keep your eyes open. You will see the demonic response. You will see whom he stirs to acts of violence, whom he gets to take the world stage. He must lead those whom he controls to action.

The time has been moved up. Otherwise, he would have greater armies and greater forces. He is forced to begin with what he already has in place. It is too late now to deploy all that he wanted. His forces are not as strong as they would have been. The announcement has stirred those who believe in me. There is great expectancy. Still, the Church herself is not yet ready but that will be remedied by the new pope whom I have already enlightened.

Coming World Events

The time is short. My children must be prepared. Events will happen quickly. See them for what they are. Even though they happen in various parts of the world, there will always be the same pattern. Some area of darkness has resulted from sinful actions over a long period of time.

There will be a great weakness, an inability to withstand a great force. This great force will suddenly break through or bring a crisis to a head. The results will be like a fire that overflows and pours out, damaging what is closest. None of these events will be earth-shaking but taken together they will constitute a grave problem, stretching the world’s resources to the breaking point. Then, the break will come, the last of a long line of events and circumstances. This event will truly change the picture. All will begin to see what is so evident to those who know my words. The war has begun. The other side has responded, trying to break the will of the people. How much the world will need me at this time. That is why I will raise up the pope of my choice.

February 18, 2013
The Events Are All Connected

All the events are tied together. Nothing happens in an isolated way. All are part of the story, the constant story of good and evil, the clash of kingdoms in which man is caught up.

This is his place, his role, and only by revelation can he understand. If anyone rejects this revelation then they are bound to darkness, totally unaware of the forces of good and evil that interplay in the course of history. Man is not passive. He must act and make decisions.

Without revelation, he acts in darkness, unaware of the role that he is playing. That is why I speak. A great drama is taking place and, in these moments, the great and important scenes are being played out. Will man understand? Will the Church understand? That is why I speak.

Unleashing the Destructive Power

Happy the person who hears, understand and believes these words. They are light in the darkness, explaining all of the events and even speaking ahead of time of events that have not yet happened.

A great destructive power has been set in the soil of history. It has not yet been released.

Because of the prayers of many, it has been pushed back, moved off course and made less destructive. However, this destructive power has been planted. The soil was made receptive by the sins of mankind. This destructive seed was protected by mankind’s refusal to repent when so many opportunities and so much time was granted. Now, the destructive power must come forth so that I can once more claim the soil of earth. I will keep my children safe if they listen to me.

The pope’s resignation is my beginning step to protect you. See this extraordinary act for what it is – your heavenly mother’s first step in sheltering her children.


11. The Verge of Darkness 2/15/14

I am ready to open up all of my blessings and to allow them to pour forth over the whole world and into every heart.  I speak now of world events, which all can see and experience.  I speak of communal experiences that make the headlines.  Mankind is not ready for these events.  They will be helpless, confused and unable to act.

Satan has cleverly led mankind into his corner.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Millions of decisions have been made over the centuries, and especially in this last century.  Attracted by both power and pleasure, people have acquiesced in these decisions.  All is so intricate, so tied together, bundled in such a way that no one can untie the knots.  Man is caught in the web that he has spun according to Satan’s plan.

Of course, there have been exceptions, moments when great men, like Pope John Paul II, have broken through his schemes, but Satan has marched on and on, with his eye always on the goal.

And this is where we are.  Mankind is on the verge of untold sufferings which have never before been experienced.  Yes, I must say this with all the power of my voice, “You are on the verge, about to be plunged into a great darkness”.  Only I can untie the knots and open up all my blessings.  Why am I not at center stage?  This is where I belong.  Must I wait to be invited?  My priest son, he will invite me.

Comment:  Mary concludes her teachings on the two great realities, the wrong path taken by the human race and her waiting to be invited to help.

We take refuge under Thy protection,
O holy Mother of God!
Despise not our supplications in our need,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O Virgin, glorious and blessed!

★ Locutions to the World 2/16 - 23 /14 ★ Jerusalem ... Only its soil contains Jesus’ precious blood. Israel, is Satan’s target. O Woman clothed with the sun, come & do not delay

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, 
who gave birth to a child destined to rule the nations.

1. The Shattering of Creation 2/16/14

I will open up the fullness of my heart and reveal all the secrets hidden from the beginning. Only in this way, can the world realize all that the Father has done. There will be great surprises, even for those who love me and to whom I have revealed much. It is time to pull back the veil so all can understand. In this way, I can strengthen trust and the confidence in my words.

In the Father’s created universe, I was to be the woman who would someday bring forth his Son. Of all creatures, I was to be his perfect creation, untouched by any darkness and the creature who would give flesh to his Son, the light of the world. All of human history would wait for me so the fullness of time could begin.

Then came the fall, the original sin, and creation was shattered into a million pieces. How would the Father ever put it together? Immediately, he thought of me. He would use me in a new, unforeseen way, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers”. There would still be a fullness of time. There would still be the woman giving birth to her child. This part of the original plan was still in place, even though all else was shattered.

Comment: Mary promises a full revelation of her role in creation.

2. Present From the Beginning 2/17/14

When the Father created the heavens and the earth, he saw a woman. When he created human life, he saw a woman. When the first sin was created, he saw a woman. All of his thoughts, desires, hopes, were focused on a woman. In this sense, I was there from the beginning of material creation. I was the door for his Son to enter and to live within this creation.

All things were made for the Son. To him would be the fullness of glory. The Father never saw his Son apart from the woman. This is the great mystery of the Word became flesh. That flesh would come totally from the woman. Every cell in Jesus’ body came from my body. No other human creature would participate in the mystery. Only my body would be immaculate, free of any taint of sin.

I reveal these secrets because so many set me aside. Even those who truly love me do not see my intimacy with the Father, or how I was there from the beginning.

Comment: Mary’s words help even those with great faith to see more deeply into the mystery.

3. The Woman in God’s Plan 2/18/14

All must be revealed. It is too late to hold back anything. I must go step by step so each part is clear and the whole world can see me as the Woman. That is the title given to me by the Father, himself, and also the word used by Jesus.

The Father said, “I will place an enmity between you and the woman”. At the wedding in Cana, Jesus said “Woman, what concern is that to us?” On the cross, Jesus said, “Woman behold your son” as he gave me to the beloved disciple. Finally, came the great revelation. The heaven was opened. The lightening flashed and the sound of thunder filled the sky. The Father wanted the whole world to see what he had done. Then, “A sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head”, a woman about to give birth to her son (Rev. 12: 1-2).

In the Father’s plan, the maiden of Nazareth has become the Woman. If so, why do people set me aside? Why do they belittle my role? I will bring to center stage the one who will openly proclaim me. Through him, I will be the Woman for the whole world.

Comment: With the growing need for God’s worldwide intervention, Mary stresses her role as the Woman.

4. The Woman Waits and Waits 2/19/14

Very soon, a door will swing out to a new era of open conflict. The enmity between Satan and the Woman will become evident to all. Who cannot see the hand of Satan in all of the world events now occurring? Who cannot see his wiles in all the deaths and the destruction? Who cannot see his power in the sufferings caused to millions of people all over the world?” Do you have eyes and do not see? Do you believe that all of this flows merely from human anger?

Now, Satan has the field to himself and scores victory after victory. The Woman waits and waits, wanting so much to fulfill her role. What will happen? How will she come upon the scene?

More and greater events of destruction will take place. The problems will not be isolated or limited to certain areas. All the world will begin to experience Satan’s sufferings (for that is his calling card). Even then, the Woman will have to wait. Then a moment will come of a great break, as if a permanent change has happened. This will be the prelude, as everyone wakes up to the seriousness of Satan’s destructive powers.

Comment: How quickly we need the Woman to come onto the scene. Let us not wait. Invoke Mary’s help.

5. Come and Do Not Delay 2/20/14

All can see it clearly. Revolutions and violence breaking out where formerly there was peace. The problems are never solved. No country is secure because Satan knows the weakness of each country. He touches the raw nerve and the Achilles heel. Unrest, protest, violence, deaths and destruction of a nation’s life follow. The causes lie hidden until the violence breaks forth. Only when it is too late do people see and understand.

Others say, “It cannot happen here. Our country is safe.” You only see the surface of reality. Your foundations have long ago been weakened. The hidden evil flows freely in the sewers beneath your streets, only waiting for the right moment to flow over.

By these words, I bring to light the evil that flows everywhere – in your banking systems, in your political life, in your schools, in your homes and in your hearts. No natural answer exists for these evils.

The world needs a supernatural power which understands and can defeat these evils. Yet, how many will turn to the supernatural? The stakes are high and mounting. I say this clearly. The whole world is at stake. Yes, all of earth is ready to be thrust into Satan’s fire. He will not wait. He sees that a complete and total victory is soon to be in his grasp. Once that happens, he will not wait one moment.

For now, he rejoices in his partial victories (and they are everywhere). However, soon partial victories will be as no victory at all to him, when he will be able to pull everything into his hell on earth.

I wait and I wait. Only the Woman is a match for him. I will fight him everywhere, even in hand to hand combat and I will always win. He knows that and does all he can to delay my coming onto the world stage. My entrance will be late and will happen through my beloved priest son. Until then, all must invoke me. Do not wait. “O Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay”. Say that often and I will come into your heart and into every situation.

Comment: Our Lady’s warning and her promise are universal. Everything will either be captured by Satan or by the Woman.