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Saturday, February 11, 2017

GENERATION Z: #PizzaGate & Ginsburg, African rats, 9th circuit American rats, Vaxxed Infant Twins Die Simultaneously, &,

but 1st: AGAIN, W/FEELING!!

They can clear two hundred square meters in just 20 minutes. It would take humans with metal detectors five days to cover the same area.
"They’re perfect for the job – they’re highly intelligent and have a keen sense of smell. They are small enough not to trigger mines, yet large enough to be easily identifiable in the field. No rat has been killed in a minefield."

9th Circuit Court considering hearing immigration ban block again
"President Trump did not request this. The 9th circuit court did. The first hearing was done with only 3 judges. The court is considering doing the hearing again with 11 judges. Why would they do that? Because they know they broke the law, and want to avoid being broken up. Breaking up the 9th circuit court is the only way to handle them obstructing justice, when the law so clearly states Trump had the power to do the travel ban.

WHAT'S WORSE? They want Trump to file for them so they can run it again! If Trump is smart, he'll tell them to stuff it and simply take the court apart.

The MSM is doing backflips to try to say it is a new executive order the are going to hear. But I have been over a few reports, and in the second half, they all say the 9th circuit court wants to re-hear the ORIGINAL executive order with 11 judges, not a new one. And the only way they'd be considering that is if they knew their butts were on a hot plate."

"Take a look at the new MRI images of a 20 week old fetus, who in their right mind would say it is humane to rip the child apart or burn it with chemicals. If this was done to an animal, liberals would be all over it saying it is abuse and yet we want to do this to our children. Don't use my tax dollars to fund this abuse, if you want to dismember your child do it with your own money. Don't use my money to do something so heinous. Insurance and medicare will cover women getting annual checkups and will cover most if not all the cost of birth control pills. The only service pained parenthood covers not already covered is abortion, they should have only private funding they are not a government program any more than my church is a government program and therefore qualify in no way for tax payer funding." m