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Sunday, January 29, 2017

to the cause of liberty, to the whole of mankind: the ‘Out of Nowhere’ cluebat. THE STUPID; IT BURNS, Omar Jadwat & the ACLU can pound, & they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead

Carlos Deplorable Irredeemable • 3 hours ago
"After eight long years of citizen of world round-the-globe apologizing for America,

From a No Lives Matter President who incredulously told Americans our own intolerance was to blame for the savage barbaric terrorism done by the overt hand of an enemy he refused to even name.

“ Racism is part of our DNA, ” he told us.

–– How sick was all that? ––

This real life reality talk that truly values life, American life in particular, and in self preservation truly acts on it, is long overdue and very welcome to Americans, to the cause of liberty, to the whole of mankind.

Tolerance is the last virtue of a once prosperous civilized society gone amok, in decline debased decadent lawless and depraved.

History proves this, for time immemorial.

Tyranny’s stage was being set exactly by that very tolerance.

Which is why 30 of 50 states voted for Trump | Pence.

Despite all the revisionist history with perversions of our language of the last eight years,

From Saint Augustine to Jamestown and Williamsburg, from Plymouth Rock to Philadelphia and Santa Fe,

Ours is a Judeo-Christian heritage, and not a drop of Islam.

240 years after her birth, let us bring about a new American Renaissance, distinguished and illustrious.

Let us Make America Honorable Again.

Let us Make America Faithful and Grateful Again.

Let us Make America Virtuous Again.

Let us Make America Productive and Fruitful Again.

Let us Make America Proud of our Heritage and Traditions, our Providence, our Very Way of Life.

Let us Make America Embrace with Reverence and Conviction our brave noble Founders again.

Let us Make Americans Governed By Law and Not by Men Again as Written in our Constitution.

Let us Make Americans Build Upon our Forebears, Not Tear Them Down.

Let us Make America Strong Again, Resilient and Steadfast.

Let us Make America Safe and Secure Again.

Let us never ever forget our fallen, many so young, that gave the last full measure of devotion for us.

Let us Make America Respectful to all the World Again.

Let us Make America Loyal Again.

Let us Make America a Beacon for Liberty to the Whole of Mankind Again.

Let's roll !

Let us Make America Great Again.

Stat !

May God’s grace be with President Elect Donald John Trump of New York

And with Vice President Elect Michael Richard Pence of Indiana.

I pray He may well guide them. May He well protect them, their families, their loyal staff, supporters, and all those brave on security details that well guard them whose genuine sacrifice goes sadly unnoticed too often.

And may God’s grace be with us Americans in all the days ahead.

⤵︎ Thanks."
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"Way to go Priebus. President Trump has them finally understanding that 'progressives' are out there. That they can’t be bargained with. That they can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead." drperry Say It Ain't So Johnny • 2 hours ago