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Saturday, January 14, 2017

SON OF SOROS, "dual citizen" filthy bottom feeder Feinstein ordered the 'draught', black armored van & the night after Pamela Anderson brought him lunch, &, sand-pounding @ DAVOS

CHICAGO & a shot in the face @ Jeff Sessions: that Blacks are murdered 15 times more often than Whites, or that Blacks are the murders 20 times more often than Whites, or that Police are 30 times more often to be killed by a Black than by a White

"Everyone is turning blue holding their breath until inauguration day."

>HERE, published by the Western Farm Press. "Last December, we made a last-ditch attempt to negotiate a compromise with Senator Feinstein that would allow us to capture more water during El Nino this year - and the senator walked away. ... The drought has hit farmers, farmworkers and thousands of families hard, but now with the northern reservoirs filled and spilling water to make room for spring snowmelt, the federal government has very deliberately chosen to deny available relief to thousands of Californians in the San Joaquin Valley. This action represents more than a failure of common sense. 
A government that deliberately chokes off water for its people is a government that has lost its moral compass."

“The farce is strong in these ones” -Obi-Wan K-climate

Hungary To Launch Crackdown On All George Soros-Funded Organizations