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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PROPHECY & SIGNS!: Great American Eclipse at 29º Leo, #DrainTheSwamp like a bull in the NWO china closet, Trump fired the Attorney General, filibuster & cabinet hearing boycott be damned

"Great American Eclipse at 29º Leo on August 21, 2017 last time was 99 yrs ago.
{Feast of Our Lady of Knock 8/21/17 she appeared as the Mediatrix of All Graces}
It crosses the entire nation from coast to coast.

at this degree it is conjunct Regulus and Trumps Ascendant and Mars.

He will take hold of the entire government and country, he is putting in place now the tools.

It is in the US 10th house, how we are viewed, how we do business.

The left is finished.

29º Leo: A man climbing a ladder and helping others who strive behind him. At the top, a veiled figure holds out to him a wreath of stars. Denotes one who has power enough to rise in the world and heart enough to help others to rise. His destiny is to rise. It is his soul of sympathy and justice which merits the victor's wreath, and his every action of kindness to the struggling and to the suffering brings to him blessings of power, adding heavenly glory to the rewards awaiting him. It is a symbol of Rewarding." Chris Dakota Jan31,2017 2:26PM

"Democrats walked out of hearings to prevent a Democrat witness from being present for Trump's cabinet picks. Dem's can't stop it with votes, but they can stop it by simply not being present via boycott. Time to disband the Democrat party" {“I’m very disappointed in this kind of crap. … Some of this is because they just don’t like the president. This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my whole life in the United States Senate.” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)}

The McCarren Walter Act

"According to credible web rumor, the McCarren Walter Act of 1952 has already authorized Trump to block the entry of any foreigners he wants. This means no one in government or media should have argued with Trump blocking Muslims from 7 countries from entering the United States. However, I can't track down the actual government issued text from a .gov location, so I'll call this highly credible but if I can't find the original source (which I have always been able to before) I am not going to post more than this blurb.

One thing I will say is that in preparation for making a takedown of America easy, the system was manipulated to give the President far more power than a president is supposed to have. This backfired badly because they did not expect Trump to get in, and now he's like a bull in the NWO china closet. Literally, even the play on words is accurate, China is going to eat salt big time and it was all made possible by the very plan enemies of the United States implemented to facilitate destroying the country. Now Trump can hit overdrive, and correct the course of the nation, filibuster and cabinet hearing boycott be damned. He can't be turned into a lame duck."


"Trump fired the Attorney General for defying his immigration order!

WASHINGTON -” President Trump fired his acting attorney general on Monday after she defiantly refused to defend his immigration executive order, accusing the Democratic holdover of trying to obstruct his agenda for political reasons. Taking action in an escalating crisis for his 10-day-old administration, Mr. Trump declared that Sally Q. Yates had "betrayed" the administration, the White House said in a statement. {"... when she took the oath of office, she swore to defend the US Constitution directly, by going against the executive order, that was signed by the president, and backed by congress, she violated her oath, she must be fired, if you don't agree with the president, then you resign." Jerry Archer15 hours ago }

She was replaced with Dana Boente, who was attorney general for Virginia.

Drain that swamp, one bog at a time!

Don't worry about her, she'll snag a high class job at Google, Youtube, or the upper management of Starbucks.

HA HA HA, about draining the swamp: According to the Washington Post, Boente is famous for prosecuting corruption! That's even more perfect for draining the swamp!

So Trump took a pariah and turned it into a win!"